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  • John Hooper (1936-2006)

    John Hooper (1936-2006)

    The woodcut piece in the Lady Chapel at Christ Church Cathedral is by New Brunswick artist John Hooper. English-born artist best known for his polychromed carved wood sculptures, Hooper spent much of his youth in China and served as a …Read More »
  • Bishop and Chapter News – March 2023

    Bishop and Chapter News – March 2023

    Bishop and Chapter met on 20 March with members in person and by way of video conference. 12 of 13 members present. Members were asked to read in advance an article from Alban at Duke Divinity School “Putting the How …Read More »
  • Preparing for Easter with Godly Play

    Preparing for Easter with Godly Play

    Children participating in Godly Play at Cathedral Memorial Hall have been preparing for Easter with stories and art. During the Faces of Easter week 4 lesson, the children used the Faces of Christ paintings. This photo shows how, after the …Read More »
  • Mothers’ Union at a glance

    Mothers’ Union at a glance

    Mothers' Union is an international Christian membership charity of 4 million members living in over 80 countries, who share one heartfelt vision — to bring about a world where God's love is shown through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships. Members …Read More »
  • Supporting neighbours in need

    Supporting neighbours in need

    We recently received this note from Montgomery Street Elementary's Home and School Association, to which the Cathedral has previously provided support for children in need. I wanted to let the church know that with the remainder of the donation provided …Read More »
  • Gallery exhibition features Cathedral items from Provincial Archives

    Gallery exhibition features Cathedral items from Provincial Archives

    The Beaverbrook Art Gallery and the Provincial Archives have collaborated on an exhibit showcasing artistic treasures from the archives. The exhibit, AR(T)CHIVES: Visual Treasures from the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, is open to the public until May 28, 2023. …Read More »
  • AST 2023 Grad Projects

    AST 2023 Grad Projects

    Atlantic School of Theology has some of the brightest students around! In Halifax or online on March 14 & 15 celebrating their work and cutting-edge research as part of graduate projects ​ Click here to register Tuesday March 14, 2023 …Read More »
  • Cathedral Elections

    Cathedral Elections

    Thank you to all who submitted annual reports and attended the Annual Congregational Meeting on 26 February, 2023. Click to read online copies of the Cathedral Annual Report and view the Narrative Budget, "Turning Resources into Grace", a magazine-style brochure …Read More »
  • Cathedral Podcasts – Did You Know?

    Cathedral Podcasts – Did You Know?

    You might not be so interested, but maybe your parents or grandparents would be. Why not show them how easy it can be? Did you know we podcast both worship and sermons each Sunday and there are many ways to …Read More »
  • A gentle way to get in shape – Chair Yoga in the Cathedral

    A gentle way to get in shape – Chair Yoga in the Cathedral

    Join us for yoga this winter and spring! The Cathedral Health Ministry is pleased to announce a new series of chair yoga classes led by experienced yoga instructor Monique Smith. Ideal for both young and old, chair yoga is a …Read More »
  • People and Pancakes

    People and Pancakes

    The smell of pancakes and sausages filled Cathedral Memorial Hall on February 21st during the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper. After a two-year hiatus, the Guild of St. Joseph returned with many volunteers to host the supper. The men of the …Read More »
  • 2023 Narrative Budget: Turning resources into grace

    2023 Narrative Budget: Turning resources into grace

    Telling our story. Line item budgets are boring. Not only that, but seldom do they tell the real story. It’s too easy for us to make assumptions about how the dollar we give is used or not used on what …Read More »
  • Ad-LENT-ures 2023

    Ad-LENT-ures 2023

    22 February - 01 April 2023 During the Season of Lent, all members of the Cathedral congregation are encouraged to consider individual or small group study or reflection. The 40 days of Lent are an excellent time to take on …Read More »
  • Memoirs: Archbishop Harold Nutter

    Memoirs: Archbishop Harold Nutter

    'It Remains for Me to Say', a book containing the memoirs of Archbishop Harold Lee Nutter is available for purchase at the Diocesan Synod Office for $28 (plus postage if required). Drop by the Synod Office upstairs in Memorial Hall, …Read More »
  • Not just for breakfast

    Not just for breakfast

    Shrove Tuesday is just around the corner and for many Christians, February 21st, 2023 will mean pancakes for supper! Not being a pancake lover, I decided to do a little research on this questionable meal choice. I knew that Shrove …Read More »