Bishop and Chapter

The Most Rev’d David J. Edwards (Bishop of Fredericton)
The Very Rev’d Geoffrey Hall (Dean of Fredericton)
The Rev’d Paul Ranson (Archdeacon of Fredericton-elect)
Vacant (Canon Residentiary)
Mr. Tom Maston (C1-3), Lay Chair
Mr. Jamie Yeamans (B1-3), Treasurer
Ms. Janet Mahar (C2-3), Secretary
Mrs. Victoria Hachey (C2-1), Finance and Administration
Vacant (B1-1), Buildings and Property
Mrs. Rowena Tervo (C1-3), Communications
Mrs. Jane Hand (C1-1), Health and Pastoral Care
Mrs. Bonnie Greenwood (C1-2), Mission/Outreach
Dr. Andreas Decken (B1-3), Welcoming/Hospitality
Ms. Catherine Macdonald (C2-2), Worship
Mr. Harry Palmer (C1-2), Christian Formation

B-Bishop appointed / C-Cathedral elected / (Term of 2 – Year of 3)

update March 2023