Christians believe that the end of earthly life begins a glorious new life in Christ. Anglican funerals attempt to recognize and take seriously the grief of the living while celebrating the life of the deceased, with faith and hope of the Resurrection.

If a loved one is approaching death or has died, the Cathedral would be honoured to walk with you and support you in this difficult time.

The Anglican Church of Canada offers various forms of service from the Book of Common Prayer, 1962 (p. 691 ff) and the Book of Alternative Services, 1985 (p. 565 ff). These orders of worship provide various opportunities for family and friends to participate.

It is important to make these plans with the knowledge of the Dean and/or another agreed upon officiant. The readings, music, readers, prayer leaders and other elements can be discussed and assist in a corporate remembrance of the departed.

Anglican funeral liturgies assume the presence of the body or cremated remains at the funeral. Services may be held also at the graveside, in a funeral home or in a crematorium in addition to or instead of a service in the church which should be considered to be preferred and whenever possible.

The Funeral Pre-Planning Guide is a tool available for planning in advance or at the time of a funeral.

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