Regarding future plans for Christ Church Cathedral

An initial congregational meeting was held in the Fall, where Archbishop David was asked to look into establishing a foundation to take ownership of the building in order to raise funds for its restoration, while retaining it as a place of worship. To that end a committee was established to advise the archbishop about ways forward. A second congregational meeting was held April 25 in order to provide an update.

Discussions will now happen between the Cathedral Bishop and Chapter and members of the advisory group looking at the needs of the congregation and how these might be met by any future foundation. This will be a detailed process and may lead to an operating agreement between the two groups, providing a basis upon which to move ahead.


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  1. “Hello. In the weekly bulletin, the word “update” is a link for the recent congregational meeting to discuss the future of the church. However, there is no new information on the webpage “Regarding future plans for Christ Church Cathedral.” There is no update information

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