Cathedral Safe Church

At Christ Church Cathedral we are committed to providing a safe environment and context for ministry in Christian community. As the Diocesan Safe Church regulation states, "the purpose is to promote the mission of the church by providing a safe and effective working, learning and spiritual environment." The Cathedral Safe Church Officer can be found listed in the weekly Sunday bulletin.

... to promote the mission of the church by providing a safe environment

Current requirements for Safe Church fall under the Diocese of Fredericton Safe Church Regulation 4-4 and associated policies. These include

1) Having a Safe Church Officer,  (Dr. Dianne Wilkins)
2) Safe Church Training for all (see below) and,
3) Criminal record checks for those engaged in ministry with youth or the vulnerable. (see below)

Please refer to these items linked from the Diocesan Safe Church page. The forms linked below may be among the most commonly needed. The two information forms are reissued Cathedral versions.

Police Record Checks

There are two types of police record checks:

  1. the Criminal Record Check (CRC), and
  2. the Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC).

The second includes the first. If you will interact with children, the elderly or other vulnerable individuals, a vulnerable sector check is required.

If you are in need of a letter of reference/authorization, please contact the Cathedral Office.

Record checks can be obtained in person or online from the Fredericton Police Force or if you are resident outside city limits from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Fredericton Police Criminal Record Check application
Fredericton Police Vulnerable Sector Check application

Safe Church Certification

1. As a group. The training video (55 minutes) can be found on the Diocesan Safe Church Training page. Watching the video with your group constitutes eligibility for certification by submitting the attendance list to the Cathedral Office.

2. As an individual. Contact the Diocesan Safe Church Officer (Ben Bourque) to request certification with an evaluation completed online. Having watched the video, plan on about an hour to complete the certification.


Anglican Communion Safe Church Commission

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