Daily Devotionals

  • Forward Day By Day - April 22, 2024
    Today’s psalm includes but is not limited to plotting, deceit, manipulation, hurt, anger, judgment, and vindication. No wonder some prefer not to read or chant or hear the psalms. Surely, this is not what we want from God: demolishing and snatching [...]
  • Forward Day By Day - April 21, 2024
    For shepherds, shearing is an essential task, important for the animals’ health, hygiene, and overall well-being. Growing up in sheep country, I observed this mesmerizing job many times. The shearer holds a sheep and begins working the legs, then t [...]
  • Forward Day By Day - April 20, 2024
    On May 24, 2022, nineteen children and two adults were murdered at an elementary school in my hometown of Uvalde, Texas. I went to school there and walked every day to and from the elementary school. Along with the spirits of those murdered and all w [...]
  • Forward Day By Day - April 19, 2024
    The people with Moses miraculously and dramatically receive water from a rock after he strikes the rock with his staff (Exodus 17:6 and Numbers 20:11). There have been times when I have felt the need for a significant change and wanted something dram [...]

  • Jesus—The True Peacemaker - April 23, 2024
    On December 30, 1862, the US Civil War raged. Union and Confederate troops camped seven hundred yards apart on opposing sides of Tennessee’s Stones River. As they warmed themselves around campfires, Union soldiers picked up their fiddles and harmon [...]
  • Community in Christ - April 22, 2024
    “I knew that the only way to succeed was to forget about home and my wife, son, and daughter,” said Jordon. “I’ve found I can’t do that. They’re woven into the fabric of my heart and soul.” Alone in a remote area, Jordon was participati [...]
  • Bitterness of Stolen Sweets - April 21, 2024
    Thieves in Germany stole a truck’s refrigerated trailer filled with more than twenty tons of chocolate. The estimated worth of the stolen sweetness was eighty thousand dollars. Local police asked anyone who was offered large quantities of chocolate [...]
  • Family Matters - April 20, 2024
    My sister, brother, and I flew from our separate states to our uncle’s funeral and stopped to see our ninety-year-old grandmother. She’d been paralyzed by a stroke, had lost the ability to speak, and had only the use of her right hand. As we stoo [...]

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