Reaffirmation of Faith and Reception

Reaffirmation of Faith

In the Anglican tradition, a "Reaffirmation of Faith" is for any and all who have been confirmed but desire a personal opportunity to refresh their understanding of the faith and the vows of Baptism now that a few (or many) years have passed since confirmation. (see the Book of Alternative Services, p. 629) The Bishop will pray with them for the strengthening power of God. It is customary that a time of study and preparation preceed it, although it is sometimes offered to any who feel moved to make it.


Reception into the Anglican Church  is for those who have come to the Anglican Church from another Christian faith tradition, have been confirmed there by a Bishop, but wish to be more officially "received" as a member of the Anglican Church and in Communion with it. (see the Book of Alternative Services, p. 629) This reception is normally done by the Bishop. The Anglican Church welcomes without reservation all who choose to worship in the context of an Anglican Christian community. Baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, administered by another denomination, is accepted and recognized. Confirmation by a Bishop of another denomination is also recognized without any reservation whatsoever with or without an offic ial reception.

While the traditional Anglican practice regarding those making Communion has more specifically invited those who have been confirmed, the August 1977 Memorial to the House of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada approved the practice of Communion for children (see Bishop's Directive 3.1.2) with instruction, having been baptized but not yet confirmed. The Anglican Church welcomes you and the general invitation to make Communion in the Anglican Church Canada is regularly extended to "those who are baptized with water in the name of the Trinity and make Communion in their home church."