Need prayer?

There are several ways you can request prayer through the Cathedral.

If you would like your name, or the name of a loved one, added to the public Prayer List in the Sunday bulletin, please contact the Cathedral Office. Names will be listed for one month, but may be extended by contacting the office. You may include a full name or first name. Please ensure that you have the consent of the person to have their name listed publicly.

The Cathedral Prayer Network is a committee of caring individuals who provide immediate, confidential prayer. It is different from the public prayer list printed in the Sunday bulletin. Confidentiality is at the core of the group's work. Contact Coordinator Linda Waugh for details or with a prayer request. Phone (506) 450-3057 or email <lmwaugh at>. The group welcomes new prayer volunteers. Learn more.

A team of Hospital Visitors can see patients admitted at local hospitals. Visits can be arranged by contacting the Cathedral Office or the Dean. Please make sure to let us know the unit and room number, as hospital visitors do not have access to patient listings. Learn more.

Communion at home or in the hospital is available. Please contact the Dean to make a request.

Other clergy, staff, and members of the congregation also support these ministries and engage in prayer.



*NOTE* For time sensitive requests, please use the telephone.

Dean Geoffrey Hall: (506) 450-7761 <dean at>
Cathedral Office: (506) 450-8500 <office at>
Other Clergy and staff



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