Bishop and Chapter News – December 2022

Bishop and Chapter met 12 December 2022 in person and with video conference participation, 7 of 13 members present. A short discussion on an article entitled “One Invitation Away from Returning” by Rebekah Simon-Peter (LeadingIdeas - Lewis Center for Christian Leadership). One premise included is similar to that of the “Back to Church”/ Season of Invitation movement: that personal invitation is the one most effective tool for building congregations. The reminder is significant, especially as we move into post-pandemic times when many changed worship attendance patterns. Minutes from 21 November 2022 were adopted.


•   letter of thanks was sent to Vice-Chancellor Kelly VanBuskirk following legal advice requested and received during the Fall

From the Dean

•   outside Communions (1)
•   committee/group meetings (4)
•   usual staff meetings weekly
•   Giving Tuesday successful campaign
•   meeting with Source Alliance
•   Narrative Budget Team (1)
•   Staff dinner at Lexington
•   Funeral out of town (1)
•   Nominating Committee (1)
•   Guild of St. Joseph social
•   Mothers' Union dinner and social
•   Vacancies: Safe Church; Synod substitute (16-35); Assistant(s) to the Verger; Chapter Mission/Outreach
•   Diocesan Finance Committee (1) / Diocesan Council (1) / Synod Planning (1)

For Information

Feasibility Study - Source Alliance continues to work towards the community interview stage of a study to explore wider support for a project to address Cathedral needs summarized in the 2022 Building Conditions and Issues Report. Over a hundred individuals have been identified. A case for support document is nearing completion for use during interviews and to share information about a potential campaign. Funding for the Study accessed from non-restricted invested funds. A meeting of Chapter and Diocesan executive representatives tentatively set for mid-January

For Decision

Stipend and Staff salaries 2023 - cost of living increase of 4% on the 2023 scale of minimum stipends. Dean’s stipend in 2023 $61,324 ($16,414 above minimum). Regulation 7-2 Remuneration and Compensation. A 4.5 % cost of living increase to 2022 budgeted amounts for staff salaries in 2023. In addition, the Sexton’s salary was increased by $3,000. Details will be in the proposed budget for 2023.


Treasurer - deficit position has improved, largely due to no unexpected expenses and lower than expected fuel costs (milder weather.) We continue showing a consistent decline/under performance in offerings year-to-date at about -10%. With revenue counted from unplanned sources, including from the Diocesan Synod, the deficit stands at $6,685.

Miscellaneous - Giving Tuesday campaign in support of school lunch programme exceeded the initial goal and the total of $2000. Some insulation of Cathedral basement doorway/conversion of choir room lights to led. Nominating Committee is exploring possible nominations for 2023. Formation and Welcome may be collaborating on an event for new congregational members in the new year.


•   Christmas Lessons and Carols, 4:00 p.m. (18 December)
•   Christmas Worship (Christmas and New Year’s on Sunday)



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