Bishop and Chapter News – June 2022

Bishop and Chapter met 20 June 2022 in person with 10 of 13 members present. An article entitled “7 Ways to Re-engage Volunteers” (Lewis Centre for Leadership) was considered. Whether it’s due to post-pandemic fatigue, lingering health concerns, or broader cultural shifts, volunteerism hasn’t bounced back as readily as other aspects of congregational life. Susan Beaumont outlines seven ways to revitalize volunteer engagement. Minutes from February, March and May were adopted.

From the Dean

Since the May meeting:

•  Outside care facility Communions (1)
Thomas Hall Shannex booked 18 July
•  Committee meetings (3)
•  Monday lectionary studies concluded 30 May
•  Thy Kingdom Come Novena study weekdays
•  Several recent funerals
•  Baptism 05 June (1)
•  Pentecost celebrations - thanks from archbishop
•  Vacancies: Safe Church Officer; member of Chapter (Hospitality);
Synod substitute (16-35)
•  Diocesan Synod 05 November 2022 (Cathedral)
•  Staff reviews in process (1 complete)
•  Parish Nurse on medical leave since 16 May
•  Tour guide hiring in process
•  Usual diocesan commitments


Financial Campaign Planning Study - In order for the Cathedral to consider launching a financial campaign, professional assistance will be required. The Chapter Executive has explored four possible candidates to execute a study to determine the feasibility of a campaign. By motion, the Chapter approved preceding with negotiations with Source Alliance (Moncton) towards being engaged to conduct such a study.


Items for Information - several documents were circulated for information including:

•  Update on progress on Cathedral and Memorial Hall network upgrades and security system installation project (Peter Jacobs)
•  Source Alliance Proposal
•  Cathedral Building Condition and Issues meeting (12 June) summary (thanks to Ann Deveau)

There was some discussion on the need to communicate with the congregation regarding our financial status and the timing of the same.


Treasurer - offerings are trending downward and not meeting budget predictions thus far in 2022. Reporting to the Synod re applications to Canadian Employment Wage Subsidy - the Cathedral has not qualified in 2022. $26,428 revenue deficit to 31 May. While compensation being received from Diocesan Synod was not anticipated to fund the 2022 budget, it has been needed to do so.

Property - meeting on 20 June for the purpose of review and prioritizing Conditions and Issues Report findings

Worship - attempts made to recruit for worship duties. Beginning refreshments following summer worship being considered

Health Ministry - Sarah Ecker continues on medical leave which began 16 May.

Finance and Administration - tour guide applicant interviews have been completed and decisions have been made. Contracts will be made this week with guides on duty 01 July. Hank Williams has graciously agreed to provide training


•   Staff vacations as reported in the bulletin
•   Dean vacation 25 July - 21 August
•   Sunday worship schedule continuing

•   Next meeting 19 September 2022                                                   GMH


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