Giving Policy at Christ Church Cathedral

Perhaps the first question that will be asked: "Why does Christ Church Cathedral need a giving policy?"

Every organization with the privilege of being considered a registered charity needs a giving policy. The Canadian Revenue Agency grants charitable status to organizations that meet very strict requirements. Churches, at least at the moment, are among them. Those organizations have authority to issue charitable tax receipts to those who give enabling them to make a charitable giving claim on a personal tax return.

That doesn't mean churches maintain that charitable status easily. An annual charities return is required every year in which multiple justifications for charitable status are required.

Remember, your charitable giving creates a considerable tax benefit at about 46%!

The purpose of the Cathedral Giving Policy is to make assumptions about gifts to the church as transparent as possible. Those who give to the Cathedral need to rest assured that their gifts will be used as they wish and that, if the purpose indicated at the time of giving no longer exists, it will be used for a purpose as close as possible to the wishes of the donor.

The Policy includes three appendices:

  1. Current list of officially recognized "funds" (giving to any of these approved purposes is easy by simply adding that desired to the gift)
  2. The Gift Information Form for larger, usually one time gifts, providing the specific wishes of the giver -- gifts that fall outside the perameters of official funds will need approval of the Bishop and Chapter Executive
  3. The Gift-in-Kind Information Form enables a gift of something other than money and the requirements of doing so

Giving at Christ Church Cathedral is made as easy as possible by way of Online Giving, the Giving Envelope system and e-offering system, and the encouraged planned giving options. Information on each available on the Give Now web page.

Support of the important ministries of Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton is always most appreciated.

Cathedral Giving Policy
Gift Information Form (Appendix 2)
Gift-In-Kind Information Form (Appendix 3)
Canadian Revenue Agency  Charitable donation tax credit calculator


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