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Christ Church Cathedral is a registered Canadian charity. All donations and gifts are eligible for a receipt for income tax purposes and we encourage all gifts.

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Make the most out of your charitable giving tax credits?

Giving is easy by way of one of these options.

Offering Envelopes

A common way to support the mission and ministry of Christ Church Cathedral and the wider Church. Tailored to the regular worship attender, envelopes enable a physical way of making offerings each Sunday. A receipt for income tax purposes is issued by our envelope secretary at the end of the calendar year. To acquire envelopes, get more information or if you have a question, contact John Macaulay, Envelope Secretary or the Cathedral Office.


We participate in the Diocese of Fredericton e-offering service whereby we pay $25 per month to process an unlimited number of electronic debits from accounts of our regular givers.  This is the most cost-effective way for givers to Christ Church Cathedral to process weekly or monthly givings directly from their bank account to ours. For regular givers, it is the preferred option. Read its as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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e-offering participants also receive envelopes to facilitate extra gifts, support special appeals, donations to Primates World Relief and Development Fund or to use as a symbol of your e-offering on Sundays. Download the e-offering Application and Change Form (fill and save) to initiate e-offering or to make a change in your current commitment. For new e-offerings, filling the form and attaching a VOID cheque from the bank account from which the transfer is to be made is all that’s necessary. We do the rest. If its only a change, details about the change is all that’s necessary.

Online Giving

Online giving is facilitated by way of Canada Helps charges a fee for delivering donations [3.75% (for one-time donations and 3.5% for monthly donations] to Christ Church Cathedral. Give now. This is a good option for anyone looking to provide a one-time gift for a general or specific purpose but also provides an option for recurring donations. e-offering giving is the most cost

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effective for us and for the giver. Receipts are issued immediately by Canada Helps.
Canada Helps also facilitates the donation of your securities or mutual fund shares providing a tax-efficient way to give. More information. Want to do even more for that charity close to your heart? Then increase your impact by fund-raising for an organization you support. Canada Helps makes it simple. With a fund-raising page, you can bring your friends and family together to support any registered Canadian charity. You can even put together a list of all your favourite charities and let your supporters contribute to the ones they like best. Collect pledges for a sporting event or walk-a-thon, make a group donation to mark an important birthday, or celebrate a wedding with charitable donations. Its an easy way to turn any occasion into a fund-raising. Create your own fund-raising page now!

Planned Giving

Planned giving, or gift planning, is the process of designing charitable gifts so that the donor realizes philanthropic objectives while maximizing tax and other financial benefits. Generally, a planned gift is any gift of significant size made with forethought about the benefits to the church and the financial implications to the donor and the donor’s family. Planned gifts are often equated with deferred gifts...

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such as bequests, life insurance policies, and similar arrangements where the commitment is made now but the funds are not available to the church or charity until some future time. The majority of planned gifts are deferred, but gift planning also includes outright gifts. A planned gift can be a major gift for current needs, consisting of securities or real estate, and structured and timed to limit any tax on capital gain and obtain full benefit of the tax credit. Anglican Church of Canada planned giving page for information on the various options.

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