Saying YES! to kids camping

Say Yes to Kids Camping


This year the Diocese of Fredericton is joining the Anglican Foundation of Canada's Say Yes! to Kids movement with our very own Diocese of Fredericton Says Yes! to Camping Ministry fundraising team.

The Diocese of Fredericton is blessed with Camp Medley, Camp Brookwood, and the St. Michael’s Youth Conference, all of which offer our children and youth unforgettable summer experiences in God's creation.

In our Diocese we believe that no child should be turned away from summer camp because of their financial circumstances. It is hoped that with participation from people and parishes across the Diocese of Fredericton, this year’s Say Yes! to Kids campaign will encourage camperism by increasing the amount of sponsorship funds available to all three camps.

Join our Diocesan family as we seek to make the summer 2024 camping season as accessible and enjoyable to as many children as possible.

You can support the Diocese of Fredericton Says Yes! to Camping Ministry team in three ways:

  • Celebrate a Say Yes! to Kids Sunday in your church on June 2, or any other Sunday in June, with the help of the liturgical resource developed by AFC.
  • Make a donation to our Diocese of Fredericton Says Yes! to Camping Ministry team. DONATE ONLINE HERE.
  • Pray for the success of this year's Say Yes! to Kids campaign and for youth ministries in your community, in our diocese, and across the Anglican Church of Canada.

Please give generously to the Diocese of Fredericton Says Yes! to Camping Ministry today and help to grow a brighter future for young people in the Diocese of Fredericton and beyond.

Thank you!

Archbishop David Edwards
Bishop of Fredericton

P.S. You can also mail a cheque, payable to the Anglican Foundation of Canada, with "Fredericton Says Yes!" in the memo line to the address below. Or watch for your Spring AFC newsletter and make your donation using the donation form and business reply envelope.


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