Accumulated Faith – Peter Marty

Faith is a way of life that acquires its layers and contours incrementally, often imperceptibly.

Jason and I retreated to the ICU waiting room to talk about his mother’s precipitous decline. Moments earlier the attending physician had spoken of her imminent death. “Six to 12 hours—maybe,” he said. I wanted to chat with Jason.

Marie is very familiar to me from our congregation; her son far less so. A well-employed 44-year-old techie, he doesn’t take to religion. Best I can tell, it feels superfluous to his larger contentment in life. Because he looked uncomfortable with what was going on that day, I asked him if he was. “Yeah, I am. I don’t wanna be here.”  Continue reading ...

by Peter W. Marty in the February 2024 Christian Century
Published on January 16, 2024


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