Diocese welcomes new clergy with an orientation day

What’s it like working in the Diocese of Fredericton? September 27 was set aside as an orientation day to help five new clerics and one new employee get a snapshot of their roles.

The Rev. David Smith (Parish of Grand Manan), the Rev. Robert McLean (Parishes of Fredericton Junction and New Maryland), the Rev. Isabel Cutler (deacon, Christ Church Cathedral), the Rev. Rick Cunningham (deacon) and the Rev. Nicholas Saulnier (Parishes of St. Mary, York; Marysville and Stanley), as well as director of young adult formation Kurt Schmidt were in attendance, as well as diocesan staff and two territorial archdeacons.

The day began with the regular Wednesday service at the Cathedral, and moved to the hall for the remainder of the day...

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Click here to read the article by Editor Gisele McKnight, on the NB Anglican website.


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