Supporting students in Belize

Since 2010, the congregation of Christ Church Cathedral has provided a scholarship program for students in Belize. High school is not publicly funded in that country, and finances are a barrier which prevents some children from receiving formal education past Grade 8.

For the 2023-2024 school year, our new scholarship student is Silvia Trapp. She is a 13 year old girl who recently graduated from St. Hilda’s Anglican School in Georgeville, Belize. Silvia lives with her parents and four siblings, and looks forward to the opportunity to be enrolled in Grade 9 this fall.

In addition to Silvia, scholarship students include Caleb Martinez (Grade 10) and Korey Kelly (Grade 11). Unfortunately, Edvin Perez was not able to remain in full-time studies after a long bout of illness after contracting COVID-19, and Gian Myvett was no longer a student in good standing in his high school courses. The Cathedral also provides funds each term to St. Hilda’s Anglican School, the elementary school from which each of these students graduated. Our congregation’s relationship with St. Hilda’s goes back to 2005.

Learn more about the Belize mission, and read quotes below from two of our current scholarship students.

"It’s been a privilege to be given the opportunity to further my education. I am very grateful I was awarded this scholarship. There are many kids like me that are raised by a single parent out there and are wishing for this opportunity. Thanks for the scholarship that was awarded to me and for the continuous support, I look forward to making St. Hilda’s proud, and be an example to the other students that will be awarded a scholarship."

- Korey Kelly

"My educational pursuits would not have been possible without your generous donation. Thank you for supporting me towards reaching my fullest potential."

- Caleb Martinez


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