Spring updates from St. Hilda’s School in Belize

We continually pray for our friends in Belize - the students and teachers at St. Hilda's Anglican School, as well as the scholarship students who have moved on to High School. In May, Ms. Jane Ramirez, Principal at St. Hilda's, sent us this update to Cathedral Belize committee member Rebecca Butler.

Click here to read the profiles of St. Hilda's students Jaryon and Alynna in the Anglican Diocese of Belize's youth ministry newsletter.

Greetings Rebecca,

I pray that all is well with you and your family. We're almost at the end of another school year. Yeah!! We have overcome many challenges by God's grace and are looking forward to our summer vacation. I just wanted to share some highlights with you.

In February, one of our Standard 1 students participated in a national spelling bee contest among Anglican schools. He placed 4th out of 12 students. In April, we had our annual staff Lenten retreat. Funds were used to pay for food and transportation for our teachers. It was a blessing to spend time together with teachers from the four other western schools.

The month of May is Education month. We celebrated Education week last week with various activities including a sports day, Teacher's day and we had a visit from another Anglican school.

We have our kitchen that is functional and we are feeding 50 children, 3 days per week. Some children give a small stipend to assist with purchasing groceries while others who cannot afford it eat for free.

We also started a garden. We have our gardening, cooking, sports and arts and crafts clubs.

We have two students who will be featured in the Anglican Diocese Youth Newsletter. I am sharing the article that we sent in.

I will be checking for an update with our scholarship students shortly. Caleb brought in his mid semester report and he did well. I will be checking with Gian and Korey for the same.

I continue to say thank you and God bless you all for having us at heart. Your continued support and prayers is very important to our success. I pray all the best for our Friends of St. Hilda's family.



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