Farewell to an artist

Hugh MacKinnon was an exceptional artist who did extensive restoration work on the Cathedral’s East and West windows. His stained-glass artisanship is present in churches, educational institutions and other sites throughout the Maritimes.

According to his obituary,

"Many church windows in New Brunswick have sunlight shining through his creations, including the small chapel in the Old Arts Building at UNB, where he transformed Molly Lamb Bobak's paintings into lead and glass works of art. If one wanted to know about any of the saints, you could just ask Hugh, who did extensive research on them to make sure he got the window imagery correct."

In retirement, Hugh freely shared his expertise with the Cathedral Property Committee, particularly in his consultations with Heritage Standing Inc., the engineering company assessing structural work required in the Cathedral.

He, and his exceptional artistry, will be missed.


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