2023 Prayer Diary

This Prayer Diary, created by Mothers' Union, contains daily and monthly prayers. You are encouraged to use it to facilitate your devotions. Each month in the colourful book begins with a reflection, an opening prayer and a creative prayer activity.

"As we use this resource, we remember that we are united with each other, wherever we are, in our prayers. May we continue to seek transformation in our world and in our lives, with the profound knowledge that God is with us and shines through us," says Sheran Harper, worldwide President of Mothers' Union.

Download the 2023 Prayer Diary

More resources are available on the Mothers' Union website.

Mothers’ Union is a Christian organisation that has been supporting families worldwide for over 140 years. Started by  founder Mary Sumner in 1876 in her local parish, it has grown into an international charity with over 4 million members in 84 countries.

As a Christian membership charity, Mothers' Union demonstrates faith in action. This happens as they work towards stopping poverty, stopping inequality and stopping injustice. Members work at grassroots level around the world. They bring hope and practical support to millions of people every year through parenting, literacy and community development programmes.

Prayer is at the heart of their work. Members come together every day at midday to focus prayers for their communities, fellow members and for those in need, in the belief that the power of prayer is transformational and supports their work around the world.

Despite the name, Mothers' Union is an inclusive organisation with a growing number of men.

[excerpts from the Mothers' Union website]


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