Helping to ‘TP the Town’!

Thank you to everyone at the Cathedral who donated toilet paper and hygiene supplies to the 7th annual TP The Town campaign!

This spring, Fredericton High School students partnered partnered with community groups, churches, and other schools to collect toilet paper and as many feminine care and personal hygiene products as possible. Monetary donations were also gratefully accepted.

Cathedral youth Alex and Claire, along with their fellow student council members, have been counting rolls as they arrive. Their goal is 25,000 rolls!

Products will soon be delivered to shelters and transitional housing locations in the Fredericton area, such as Chrysalis House, St. John House (the men’s shelter), Grace House for women, Gignoo House, Transition House, and the 12 Neighbor’s Village.

The Student Representative Council of Fredericton High School provides leadership opportunities and serves the student body, the school, and the community. An integral part of their program is to provide service to our community.

A letter from the student council expressed appreciation for the support of TP the Town, "Thank you for helping give back to those that struggle to take care of what we take for granted."


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