Bishop and Chapter News – June 2021

Bishop and Chapter met 21 June 2021 by video conference with 10 of 14 members present. Meeting guests for part of the time were representatives from Heritage Standing and members of the Cathedral Restoration Committee. A proposal was presented and later discussed with Restoration Committee members present. An article “The [North] American Church is a Mess - But I’m Still Hopeful” Christianity Today, 15 June 2021 (Tish Harrison Warren) was circulated in advance with some questions provided by the Dean to guide discussion. Minutes of 17 May 2021 were adopted.

From the Dean

  • the list of usual monthly commitments was provided for review
  • There will be no formal programme of tour guides employed in 2021 in the absence of a City of Fredericton grant
  • Staff reviews (3 complete) are in process
  • currently planning vacation 02-30 August
  • congregational consultation will need to be planned once we have more definite information about development options before us

Items Arising

Parish Nurse - interviews have been completed and the committee will make a decision on a successful candidate as soon as possible

Shared space initiative with the Diocesan Synod - meetings and conversations continue with our Bishop and designated Synod staff

Housing First Project - a “Housing First Committee” has now had a first meeting. For various reasons (including skyrocketed building costs) there are no updates on the timeline on project progress


Heritage Standing proposal - Heritage Standing has presented a proposal for services at a cost of approximately $50,000 to create a detailed building assessment and future strategic plan for existing restoration requirements and the on-going maintenance of the Cathedral. The Chapter unanimously approved the expenditure from the Cathedral Restoration Fund.

Home Communion - that the Dean request permission for P. MacDonald, K. Hall and D. Edwards to administer reserved sacrament


Venting of Stained Glass - a proposal has been received for work (approximately $9000) required to vent the Lexan/Plexiglass protective covering of north, east and west Cathedral windows to prevent moisture and degradation due to excessive heat. Exact details remain to be delivered and a decision may be called for as a special item of business


Treasurer - referred to financial statements for May 2021. Jamie noted some reorientation of reporting, especially regarding the separation of restricted funds from operating that will significantly improve the ability to accurately report month to month financial status. To date, revenue is adequately meeting expenses

Property - some continuing security issues with a strategy to address them is in process.

Health and Pastoral Care - parish nurse search has been the focus

Mission and Outreach - see items arising for Housing First. Monday morning programme has continued one day per month

Christian Formation - consideration of current work plan and looking ahead to summer and fall

Communications - the committee will assist with Summer Recital Series promotion and is ready to assist should we be able to plan events




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