Climate Church – Climate World Book Study

Climate Church, Climate Wor;ldWhile we’ve been focused on the global pandemic for almost exactly a year now, the urgency of working on climate change has not diminished.  We should be putting as much effort into stopping that as we are into stopping the pandemic. 

Climate change is more than a science issue, it's a spiritual and moral issue too.  Our churches have an important role to play.  While we tend to shy away from discussions of climate in polite society, that is something that author Jim Antal is calling us to change. Join this discussion group to learn more about how to lead or support your community of faith in engaging to make a difference for future generations.

We will talk about ways to engage with this big, scary topic, and how we can take meaningful action – in our social circles, in our workplaces, in our families, and especially in our places of worship.
If you want to get a taste of the type of information and hope that you will encounter in the book, take a listen to Jim Antal interviewed by Laura Hunter, Minister for Justice and Mission at the United Church of Canada on her podcast “Making Hope Visible

Here are some places you can get Climate Church, Climate World by Jim Antal (prices vary).  Make sure to order yours in time to start the study:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Feel free to bring your lunch. 

This initiative is sponsored by the Anglican Diocesan Environment Network (DEN) of the Diocese of NS and PEI and St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Fredericton NB.


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