Calithumpians – Summer 2020

Summer Theatre

Fredericton Outdoor Summer Theatre (FrOST)

FrOST is the umbrella term for our summer season offerings in downtown Fredericton. We have been performing in Fredericton's Historic Garrison District for over 35 years!

CalithumpiansFrOST usually runs two complementary museum theatre programs: The Calithumpians, who provide live outdoor theatre in Officers' Square, and The Fredericton Fencibles, who provide heritage interpretation activities in the Historic Garrison District. But this year, because of Fredericton's decision to close the Guard House, our interpretive centre, our two traditional troupes have been merged! The Calithumpians will provide outdoor theatre and guided walking tours 6 days a week - Monday to Saturday - and the Haunted Hike 5 nights a week.

We are a professional theatre troupe that provides a valuable summer employment experience to students who are trained and rehearsed to conduct educational entertainment and family fun.

Come enjoy FrOST in Downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick! Click here for a full schedule and information.

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