Health Ministry is Active and on the Go – April 2020

The Cathedral Health Ministry Team has been active and on the go, supporting those isolated or in need by taking meals to them, bringing homemade cookies to their doors, and delivering Easter cards and hot cross buns last weekend.

We have assisted in other ways such as purchasing groceries for parishioners, picking up needed medications from the pharmacies, and taking clients to ‘urgent’ physician appointments. The Health Ministry Callers have been in contact with many of our ‘people’ and are enjoying catching up with all.

The Parish Nurse has been in daily contact with many clients and supporting with health counselling and advice. Several members of the Health Ministry Team (and their mothers!) have been making masks. A word about wearing face masks:

Please remember that

  • the mask should cover over the top of your nose and under your chin
  • your hands are considered dirty at all times and should be kept away from your face and the mask
  • the outside of the mask is considered dirty
  • when removing the mask, take it off with the elastics or ties, and do not touch the outside of the mask
  • wash it in hot, soapy water after each use daily, and
  • wash your hands after removing the mask.

On another note, online meetings have been held using the Teams, Messenger and Zoom applications. The Health Ministry Committee met several weeks ago, as did the Cathedral Mothers’ Union branch, where we celebrated Mothering Sunday with a Service online. The Yoga Class and Dementia Support Groups have been connecting with each other through email conversation and support.

We look forward to continuing to support our faith community. Please feel free to contact Parish Nurse <k.snow at> or (506) 461-8201 for any assistance required.

Kathleen Snow


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