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Visit the Cathedral at Noon on Fridays during Lent to participate in Stations of the Cross, and find two different meditations here on our website.

The depiction of the Stations of the Cross below features photos of the stations in the Cathedral, with text adapted from The Stations of the Cross for Kids, which we have used in the past. The video above contains alternate meditations.  There are many different versions of the Stations of the Cross. Try a different one each Friday!

The First Station: Jesus Is Condemned to Death

Jesus stood before Pontius Pilate.
Jesus was alone.
Jesus had done only good things in life.
Jesus had to be put to death.
The procession was ready.
The gates were opened.
The soldiers lead the way.
Jesus followed.

Dear Jesus, you stood all alone before Pilate. Nobody speaks up for you. Nobody defends you. Sometimes I feel alone. Sometimes I feel afraid. Sometimes I feel like I am treated unfairly. Help me to accept unfairness and not complain. Help me pray for those who have hurt me.

Almighty Father, many times people don't seem to understand me. Sometimes they are unfair. You accept me when I make mistakes. Help me to accept others when they make mistakes. Help me to forgive as Jesus did. This I ask through Christ, our Lord. Amen.


The Second Station: Jesus Accepts His Cross

The people wanted to crucify Jesus.
Pontius Pilate did not want to crucify Him.
He tried everything he could think of to change the crowd's mind but nothing worked.
He washed his hands in front of the crowd saying, "This is a righteous man."
He gave Jesus to the soldiers to be crucified.

Dear Jesus, you carried your cross. You knew it wouldn't be easy, but you carried it just the same. Sometimes I get upset with the troubles that I have. Sometimes I get upset when people ask me to do things for them. I don't want to carry my cross. Give me the courage to carry my cross as You did.

Almighty Father, Jesus carried his cross without complaint. When I am tempted to complain, help me to remember Jesus and the cross he carried for me. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


The Third Station: Jesus Falls the First Time

The procession moves out of the city gate.
Jesus was unsteady on his feet.
The soldiers were pushing Him.
Jesus is tired. He can hardly carry the cross. He fell.
The soldiers yanked him up.
The procession is moving again.

Dear Jesus, sometimes I don't pay attention to what I should be doing. When things get hard for me, sometimes I give up. Your cross was so heavy. It was hard for you. You never gave up. You fell, but you got up and moved on. Help me to get up when I fall and keep moving.

Almighty Father, I know there are many times when I give up before I should. When I fall, help me get up again and keep going. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


The Fourth Station: Jesus Meets His Sorrowful Mother

Mary sees the procession moving through the streets. She sees her son. She hurries to him.
There he was in front of her. The cross was so heavy, he was trembling. His body was bleeding. His mother tries to get closer to him. He tries to get closer to his mother but the soldiers pushed him away.
The procession moves on.

Dear Jesus, help me to see those around me who love me. Help me to understand that I need them as much as they need me.

Almighty Father, when I feel alone, help me to remember to turn to my parents for help and most of all, to you. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


The Fifth Station: Simon Helps Carry the Cross

The soldiers saw that Jesus was weak. They were afraid that he might not make it to the place where he was to be crucified. The soldiers see Simon of Cyrene.
A soldier pushes Simon toward Jesus telling him to carry the cross. Simon saw Jesus was bruised and bleeding and quickly picked up the cross. He carried it for Jesus. They moved on with Jesus following Simon.

Dear Jesus, sometimes I pretend not to hear when my parents call me. I leave when I know others could use my help. You gave help to everyone. When you needed help, you accepted it. Help me to give and accept help.

Almighty Father, help me to be a friend to friendless. Help me to help the needy. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


The Sixth Station: Veronica Offers her Veil to Jesus

Veronica steps towards Jesus with a wet cloth.
She wanted to comfort Jesus in any way she could.
She gently wiped his face.
The soldiers roughly pushed her back.
They continued along their way.

Dear Jesus, there are times when I see someone that is being picked on. There are times when I see someone that is sad. Just as Veronica wiped your face to comfort you, help me to always help others in whatever way I can.

Almighty Father, help me to see the needs of others. Remind me to be helpful, even if I am not asked. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


The Seventh Station: Jesus Falls the Second Time

Jesus is getting more tired.
Jesus is getting weaker.
Jesus falls.
Jesus struggles to get up.
He tries until He makes it to his feet.
He moves on.

Dear Jesus, you didn't give up. Sometimes when things get hard for me, it's hard to keep trying. I want to quit. When things get hard for me, help me to get up and keep going as you did.

Almighty Father, help me to keep trying when things get hard and when I fall. Help me not to give up. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


The Eighth Station: Jesus Speaks to the Women of Jerusalem

Jesus could hear the crying of the women in the crowd.
He knew they were sad.
He stopped and talked to them.
Even at this terrible time, Jesus was not thinking of himself, he was thinking of all of us.

Dear Jesus, you stopped to help those in need. I get selfish at times and think only of myself. Help me to reach out to others as you did. Help me to see the needs of others and put their needs above mine.

Almighty Father, help me not to be hurtful or selfish. Help me to see the needs others have even when I have problems of my own. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


The Ninth Station: Jesus Falls the Third Time

Jesus continues walking, tired, in pain, and pushed by the soldiers.
Jesus falls once more.
They laugh at him.
He gets up, steadies himself and walks the last few yards to the Place of the Skull.

Dear Jesus, help me to see that nothing is greater than you. Nothing is greater than your love for me. Help me to see that with your help, I can do your Father's will.

Almighty Father, Thank you for sending Jesus to us. Help me to always follow Him. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


The Tenth Station: Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments

Jesus arrives at the Place of Skull.
The soldiers remove his clothes, tossing them in a heap.
The soldiers didn't know what to do with his clothes.
They decided to throw dice for them.

Dear Jesus, You set an example of truth, humility and love. Help me to set a good example for others to follow.

Almighty Father, help me to always be respectful and follow the examples of Jesus. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.



The Eleventh Station: Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross

The soldiers grab Jesus and lie him face up on the cross stretching his arms. They hold his wrist and hand to the wood. They drive the nail with a hammer. They do the same with the other arm. Raising his knees so that his feet would lie flat, they hammer.

It was done. Jesus was nailed to the cross.

Dear Jesus, sometimes I say or do hurtful things to others. You stretched your arms of love on the cross. Help me to bring Your love to others and cause them no hurt.

Almighty Father, help me to follow your son and make his hands bleed no more through my fault. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


The Twelfth Station: Jesus Dies on the Cross

As Pilate had ordered, a soldier placed, above Jesus' head, a notice reading 'Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews."
The cross was hoisted into place.
Mary and John stayed at the foot of the cross and prayed.
Jesus looked down and said to his mother "Dear woman, here is your son" and to John "Here is your mother."
Even at this terrible time, he was taking care of his mother.

The sky was dark.

Jesus said "I am thirsty". A soldier offered him wine mixed with vinegar.
The two thieves that were crucified beside Jesus talked to him. Looking at one of them Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise."

Jesus said, "EIi, Eli, lama sabachthani? - My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"
Then he said "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit."
A few moments later He said, "It is finished."

He died.

At that instant, the earth shook, rocks split, the curtain in the temple ripped from top to bottom. The centurion guarding Jesus saw the earth quake and said "Surely he was the Son of God".

Jesus died at 3 p.m. on the Cross at Calvary.

Dear Jesus, death is hard for us to understand. Remind us always that faith will carry us through our losses.

Almighty Father, help me to understand Jesus' death. Help me to understand the love Jesus has for me. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


The Thirteenth Station: Jesus Is Taken from the Cross

Sabbath was rapidly approaching and the crucified ones had to be taken down before the beginning of the Sabbath celebrations.
A soldier pierced the side of Jesus with his spear to be sure that he was dead.
The crowd hurried to their homes before the beginning of Sabbath or they would be excluded from the celebration.
Mary stayed under the cross with her son.
Two men came to the soldiers with orders from Pilate, Joseph of Arimathea, and Nicodemus. Joseph had offered his burial tomb for Jesus.
Jesus was gently removed from the cross.

Dear Jesus, how bad was your death but how gently you were removed from the cross. Help me to treat others kindly always.

Almighty Father, help me to be a kinder, gentler person. Help me to always see the good in others. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


The Fourteenth Station: Jesus Is Laid in the Tomb

People had returned to their homes for the Sabbath.
John, Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus, and Mary, went from Calvary to Jesus' burial tomb.
Joseph and John carried Jesus into the tomb.
They laid him on the rock bench in the burial chamber.
The men moved a big boulder in front of the entrance to block it.

Dear Jesus, help me to carry on your work.

Almighty Father, thank you for sending Jesus. Help me to be like Jesus. Help me to share my life and love more fully. This I ask through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


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  1. Thanks for providing this material, and thanks especially to Kurt and Rachel, with their unseen videographer, for walking the stations and sharing thoughtful words with all of us who are stuck at home. Much appreciated!

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