Project 2045 Final Report

Our task force was formed last spring to develop recommendations that would lead to important and farreaching decisions respecting the future of the Cathedral and Memorial Hall in relation to the congregation’s worship, ministry, fellowship and operational needs.

As our congregation looks ahead to 2045 – the 200th anniversary of the date the Cathedral’s cornerstone was laid – our report for Bishop and Chapter is primarily related to facility changes that would ensure (a.) we will be a sustainably healthy, vibrant, growing and mission-focused congregation and (b.) the Cathedral itself is structurally sound and able to serve as the ‘Mother Church’ of the diocese and as an iconic resource to our community.

From our first meeting 10 months ago the task force has therefore been focused on the future more than the present. We are very aware of the fact that our congregation is aging, and that means – if present trends continue – we are likely to experience a very significant decline in numbers and financial offerings in the next 10- 15 years. Further we have been told that it is increasingly difficult for the Chapter to recruit willing volunteers who have the knowledge, experience and time needed to tend to the many and frequent issues that regularly occur in our aging facilities.

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