Move over Harrod’s: February Medley Tea

I recently had the pleasure of helping to serve at the “Medley Tea” which takes place once a month on the first Thursday of every month in the Cathedral. For a few short hours, it was like being transported back to an afternoon spent in Harrod’s of London Tea Room.

Tables were set with crisp white tablecloths and colorful napkins. Candle lit centerpieces adorned each table. The awe- inspiring Cathedral interior served as a backdrop with its luxurious woodwork and stained glass. A far more elegant and inspiring interior than Harrod’s! Mrs. Medley would surely agree!

Sweets and savouries provided for the occasion by volunteers adorned every table and perhaps most astonishing was that every table was full! In spite of winter conditions here in New Brunswick when one cannot go out without coats and boots and scarves and gloves and braving icy conditions, no seats were empty. As the servers ventured forth with their teapots to replenish cups, lively conversations were taking place. Clearly, winter wasn’t going to stop this afternoon outing with old friends!

A special occasion was observed as a birthday cake was presented and Happy Birthday sung to Sharon Day!

Already I am looking forward to serving at next month’s Medley Tea and experiencing a little bit of England right here in Fredericton at our Cathedral!

If Mrs. Medley does indeed wander our beautiful Cathedral, she must eagerly anticipate the first Thursday of each month! Harrod’s, competition is fierce on this side of the Pond!

Gail MacGillivary


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