What’s a Walking Taco? – 22 March 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

Twenty-one people from the diocese are going to Toronto in late April. They will spend the week with the poor and needy, do chores and help wherever they can, spreading the gospel and doing good works. But don’t call it a mission trip.

We’re rebranding

“We’re rebranding,” said Colin McDonald, director of youth and intergenerational ministries in the Diocese of Fredericton. “It’s not a mission trip. We’re going on a student pilgrimage. What we’re really doing is forming people — our own people. We’re expecting to get far more from the people we encounter than we’ll give.”

A fund-raiser will be held at the Cathedral Hall. Visit the Facebook event page if you're "interested" or "going." Cost is $10 person or $30 for a family. Donations also welcome.

he group of nine leaders and 13 young people have been meeting, praying and studying the bible in preparation for the trip. The most recent meeting was held at Outflow Ministry, the same men’s shelter that now houses the Parish of Millidgeville after it left its north-end building last fall.

Read about the up-coming trip here.


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