Bishop and Chapter News – January 2018

Bishop and Chapter met on Monday, 22 January 2018 with ten of twelve members present. Minutes of 11 December 2017 were adopted.

Business Arising

• Chapter Vacancy – our Bishop has appointed Lynn Meehan. Lynn will chair the committee on  Hospitality/Welcoming/Membership
• Committee Terms of Reference – members of the Executive continue to work with the committees of the Chapter to develop. Some are in
need of updates while others need to be created. The goal is to have completed this spring
• Annual Reports – a reminder that reports are due by 31 January. Ideally, each committee would report generally on the areas under
their purview with each committee, group or organization providing more specific group reports
Ending Homelessness – the Chapter recalled the presentation by Penny Ericson including an appeal to the Cathedral to become
involved. A meeting is scheduled for 28 January, 12 Noon at the Parish Church. Another date will be set during March. Cooperation
between the city Anglican parishes is hoped for.

For Discussion

Financial Review Engagement – Kendra Patrick of Bringloe Feeney presented draft financial statements for 2017 and a draft of the letter
with recommendations resulting from the review.
Budget for 2018 – was discussed in depth and modifications recommended and discussed.
Annual Meeting – suggesting that the meeting 25 February begin at 2:00 p.m., preceded by a sandwich/finger food pot luck

Items for Decision

• 2017 Financials – draft was approved
• 2018 Budget – draft approved
• O’Dell House lease – reference was made to a lease effective 01 January 2018 outlining the current rental agreement. J. Morell
approved to sign on behalf of Bishop and Chapter
• Treasurer Retirement – an opportunity to contribute to a retirement gift for the Diocesan Treasurer resulted in a $100 gift

From the Dean

• Normal – 3 home visits, 3 visits to hospital, care home communions diocesan and Cathedral meetings
• Vacation – the Dean has booked vacation 03-16 April.


• Treasurer – the year 2017 financials show results in the black resulting from a slight increase in giving and some under-spending
• Buildings and Property – a new supplier for fuel at O’Dell House
• Formation – work on Terms of Reference. Taizé worship in Lent coordinated with Taizé at St. Thomas University
• Administration and Finance – Diocesan audit of parishes re Safe Church; grant for tour guides 2018 approved; records management
project continuing
• Communications – ways to assist various groups being explored
• Mission and Outreach – Belize Mission 27 January – 05 February. A St. Hilda’s student scholarship question resolved
• Health and Pastoral Care – health information session 25 January; first aid certification training being planned for late February


27 January – Belize Mission
13 February- Pancake Supper
25 February – Annual Congregational Meeting
16 February, 6 and 12 March – Bishop Hockin Lenten series

Next meetings: 19 February, 18 March 2018



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