Belize School Scholarships

Since 2005, when Christ Church Cathedral sent the first of four mission teams to Belize, we have tried to help make the every-day education experience better for the students who attend St. Hilda’s. In the years following our visits, because we had raised enough money, we have been able to give St. Hilda’s approximately $2000 annually to pay for books, equipment, facility improvements, classroom supplies, school field trips and more.  The exact amount has depended on the funds available and on what the principal, Jane Martinez, identifies as needed but can’t be paid for with her meager budget.

The plan is to continue this support for those in Grades 1-8 at St. Hilda’s in the coming years. We also want to continue our support of St. Hilda’s scholarship students at the high school and university levels and this is where we have been blessed and encouraged by the generosity of committed donors.

Watch this video message from Jamal.

For information about how you can be involved in making a meaningful difference in the lives of students at St. Hilda’s, contact Beverly Morell or Cindy Pope. The Cathedral Office will gladly provide contact information.



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