Bishop and Chapter News – Mar 2017

Bishop and Chapter met on Monday, 20 March with nine of thirteen members present. Minutes of 15 February 2017 were adopted. A brief conversation was lead by the Dean based on Ephesians 5:8–20 encouraging consideration of what it means to be “light” and how we are light to one another and the wider community.

Business Arising

• Stipends and salaries – action on this item will be referred to the committee on Administration and Finance
• Christian formation part-time staff position – investigation continues. Meetings with two potential candidates having been held. We await recommendation from the committee on Christian Formation
• Nominating Committee – a nomination has been made and accepted to fill the Bishop’s appointment required for Bishop and Chapter – chair of Administration and Finance and Vice-Chair
• Diocesan Safe Church Regulation – As requested, the Bishop and Chapter Executive has met with a potential Safe Church Officer
• South Porch Window – repair completed

From the Dean

• Routine activities – summary of regular items
• Sexton – Lou McKnight approaches the end of a six month probationary period. The Dean will meet with him to discuss his continuing
• Statistical Return – submitted to the Diocese
• Verger – plans to attend 2017 Verger Conference and the Dean has indicated the Cathedral will reimburse him for airfare
• Vacation – scheduled for 17 – 30 April 2017

Items for Decision

• Safe Church Officer – Nathan Cutler has been asked to fill the requirement of Safe Church Officer (one day per month) and he has accepted. Nathan will guide the Cathedral congregation towards compliance with the Diocesan Safe Church Regulation as it applies to our congregational needs


• Treasurer – continuing to explore and implement several internal financial management processes to help streamline and regularize how we collectively participate in the tasks required including:

– review of general ledger coding
– acquiring current status on HST rebate through CRA
– assuring that monthly income, expenses and budget include the appropriate items for that report
– working with our bookkeeper to clarify interactions and points of contact
– bi-weekly processing of invoices and cheque requisitions

February expenses considerably higher than income by way of offering and other sources: Income: $37,218 Expense: $46,030.
Fuel, water and electricity costs for February: $9,098
• Mission Outreach – successful fund-raiser for Belize Missions raising $6300. Refugee family continues to have many challenges but progress is being made
• Communications – second and final draft of the 2017 Photo Directory is being edited by the committee
• Christian Formation – will consider more thoroughly options regarding a Director of Christian Formation with recommendation

Up-coming Events

• Holy Week is 09-15 April
• ALPHA begins 29 March
Diocesan Parish Officers’ Day is 06 May

Next meetings: 15 May, 12 June


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