Photo Directory update

Some have inquired about when the Photo Directory will be available.

First, thanks to so many of you for participating! Approximately 104 photo sessions took place and a few people who were unable to make any of the sessions, provided photos to Universal Portrait Studios for inclusion in the Directory.

This week, there was conversation with Kara Barnaby regarding how production is coming along. The first draft, should come to the Communications Committee for proofing by the end of January. Once that is done, it will go back and a final full colour draft will be received. One more final editing and it will be ready to print. Kara predicts that, if all goes smoothly, the directories may be ready by the end of February.

She also mentioned that there is time to submit a photo of your own for inclusion, if you still wish to do so!

The basic information (name, address, etc) that will be available in the back of the directory will be as it appeared on the permission slips signed and submitted when photos were done. If you didn’t sign a permission slip, please let us know. You can contact or speak with Gail MacGillivray or the Cathedral Office and include what you wish to have printed (ie: name(s), address, telephone, email).

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated. We anticipate that this Directory will not only help us to know each other better but will be a very useful communications tool for the many Cathedral groups and organizations.

Gail MacGillivray
Communications Committee


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