Bishop and Chapter News – Sept 2016


Bishop and Chapter met on Monday evening, 19 September with ten of thirteen members present. Minutes of the June meeting were adopted. The Dean shared a reflection on leadership culture.

Business Arising
Employment – David Drinkell began as Director of Music (half-time) on 17 July. Adam Lewis began as Sexton (full-time) on 25 July. Kathleen Snow began as Parish Nurse (half-time) on 01 September.
Lay Administrators – Permission received from the Bishop for lay administrators of the chalice during worship and the reserved sacrament at home
Hall Front Steps – Repair requirements have been considered and should begin this week.
Chapter vacancies – Christian Formation: Bonnie Greenwood is nominated. Buildings and Property: vacancy created by the resignation of Bob Garland – nomination is in progress
Piano – The Baldwin piano at the Cathedral has been purchased
Offering Counting Procedures – a new process was initiated on 18 September which better follows diocesan recommended procedures and controls

From the Dean
Worship and prayer leadership – the daily office is being said Monday – Friday 8:45 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.. Administrators of home communion are functioning in their role
PastoralFarraline Place and Windsor Court communion in September. Visits to hospitals, home visits and home communions. One funeral.
To do’s – Server Guild startup and training; baptism preparation during October for November baptisms
Items for Decision
Chapter membership – Bonnie Greenwood elected to fill the chair of Christian Formation with the Chapter’s thanks and appreciation.

Items for Discussion
Leadership Culture – leadership “culture” is the habits, practices and assumptions made regarding how an organization operates. The Cathedral is currently operating with a “puppeteer leadership model,” with the assumption that the dean is the puppeteer. Leadership is facilitating the contributions of others. The Dean shared his frustration that he cannot change the culture single-handedly but that it does need to change if we are to become more spiritually mature both individually and corporately. Chapter members having a group with which to work in their particular area of ministry is critical – things happen when people get together. The Chapter will read “Divine Renovation” by James Mallon.

Financial – the Treasurer sent income and expenses report for information. Expenses will return to normal monthly levels and as budgeted for the period September – December.
Mission / Outreach – brief update on the challenges of refugee sponsorship project and Belize Mission support. Visit the missions committee website for information.
Communications – gift items sold during August at the Cathedral. Photo directory project underway. (Universal Portrait Studios)
Administration and Finance – Several policies have been drafted and await consideration and adoption
Hospitality – some changes to a fall supper (30 October) being recommended.

Next meetings
17 October; 21 November; 19 December



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