Bishop and Chapter News – Jun 2016

Bishop and Chapter met this past Monday with nine of 13 members present. Minutes of the May meeting were adopted.

Business Arising

• Employment – letters being finalized for Director of Music and Parish Nurse. Sexton permanent full-time position currently being advertised with applications closing 04 July
• Hall Front Steps – No update on repair
• Chapter vacancy – (Christian Formation) still in process.
• Piano – option of some funds from a recent bequest proposed

From the Dean

• Daily Offices – Reading of Morning Prayer (8:45 a.m.) and Evening Prayer (4:45 p.m.) at the Cathedral Monday to Friday began 20 June with the assistance of 14 volunteer leaders. Scheduling by way of VolunteerSpot
• Home Communions – 6 lay administrators received initiation
• Cathedral Piano – purchase will be negotiated this week
• Pastoral – Farraline Place and Windsor Court communions. Visits to hospitals, home visits and home communions.
• Vacation – 08 – 21 August 2016

Items for Decision

• Bishop’s Permission for Lay Administration of the Chalice: Lois Baker, Jim Clowater, Isabel Cutler, Gwen Davies, Tom Fetter, Sally Grace, Bonnie Greenwood, Victoria Hachey, Kelley Hall, Gayle Hanson, Dalton London, John Macaulay, Sarah Petite, Keith Radford, Geoffrey Richard, Catherine Schmidt, Doreen Smith, Kathleen Snow, Chris Stevenson, Barbara Toole, James Waugh, Henry (Hank) Williams.
• Bishop’s Permission for Lay Administration of Home Communions: Lois Baker, Isabel Cutler, Dalton London, John Macaulay, Harry Palmer, Kathleen Snow

Items for Discussion

• Member Visitation – Jamie Yeamans presented a draft report outlining results of the questionnaire, conclusions and recommendations. Consensus is that it was welcome and worthwhile, and should be done more often. Summary to web site this month.


• Treasurer – reported that our income and expenditures to the end of May of 2016 compare favourably to 2015 – offerings are up 3.6% over the same period a year ago, and normal expenditures are down 7.5%, in large part due to a staffing vacancy. She also stated that two reviews are underway: one dealing with insurance and the other dealing with the security and recording of weekly offerings and other cash receipts – from their receipt to deposit in the bank.
• Mission / Outreach – all signs point to an early arrival of an archdeaconry-sponsored refugee family.
• Communications – reported that they will be purchasing various Cathedral-related mementoes and gifts items (eg note cards, post cards, photos, puzzles, coffee mugs, etc) for resale in the Cathedral during tourist season and on into the fall.
• Health and Pastoral Care – Chris Stevenson has agreed to assume the chair of the Health Ministry Team

Next meetings

22 August (if necessary)
19 September
17 October



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