Parish Nurse Pledge Campaign


At present the Cathedral does not have a practicing Parish Nurse. Isabel Cutler held this role and calling for the last 11 years, and she retired in December of 2015.



What the Parish Nurse does for our Cathedral Congregation (In-reach)

The Parish Nurse:

  • ministers to us at a grass roots level on a daily basis when we are in crisis, or when we need a helping hand
  • coordinates obtaining assistance for us, whether it be providing meals and arranging for rides or accompanying us to office visits arranging for prayer shawls to be given to us or our family members who needed them and always upholding us in prayer completing home assessments i.e. arranging and planning for assistance in the home
  • assisting us to navigate the health care system
  • referring/partnering with physicians, Social Development and other services to obtain needed health care and home services, and
  • nurse_tilt_tfilling in the gaps in the health care system

Client Contacts in 2015:

  • 380 contacts with congregational members
  • 102 hospital and home visits
  • 167 telephone visits/consultations
  • worked 773 hours, on call 24/7
  • organized events where 830 clients attended, and
  • coordinated the many volunteers in the Health Ministry

Confidentiality: Much of the care and ministry that the Parish Nursing team offered was confidential. There are strict privacy standards and provincial legislation to protect the privacy of our personal health information. In a faith community this can be a challenge, but the Parish Nurse has upheld this standard.


Comments from members of the congregation:

“Your kindness and thoughtfulness have been appreciated by Mom in her tough

“The shawl has been such a comfort. It is as though God is wrapping His loving arms around me and filling me with His Peace and Love.”

“The comfort it gave me to know that I could call Isabel and ask for help. All I had to do was make one phone call, and help was there, in the form of a prayer shawl, meals, and more importantly prayer!”

“Isabel saved my life.”

What the Parish Nurse does for our Wider Community (Outreach)

The Parish Nurse has:

  • made partnerships with the wider community to draw people into our community and to Christ
  • established growing partnerships with Horizon Health Authority and Social Development
  • developed partnerships with Community Health Clinics, including the Downtown Clinic
  • collaborated with UNB Nursing students to participate in the Monday Morning Outreach activities
  • assisted in providing space in the Hall and support for Prenatal Classes and a Breastfeeding Support Group, and
  • was anticipating providing space for Social Workers and Counsellors to meet with clients in the Hall.

ccc_blueWhy do we need to continue this ministry?

Congregational trust, expectation and reliance: The members of our congregation
• have developed trust and expectation that we will continue to support them when needed, and
• are relying on the Parish Nurse and the Health Ministry Team.

Christian Witness: What better example of Christian ministry and discipleship to the Diocese could we offer? We may be able to work with other parishes in supporting their congregations to develop this ministry.

Professional community partnerships: This is an opportunity to draw people into our community, to draw them into the love of God, while at the same time allowing us to reach out to them in love and service. We do not want to lose this momentum that the Parish Nurse Ministry has established.

What will we lose without a Parish Nurse?

  • No Parish Nurse to minister to us as noted above.
  • No Coordinator for the Health Ministry Team.
  • The Monthly Teas and the Prayer Shawl Ministry will continue as the volunteers are able to support.
  • The Helping Hands and the Cathedral Visitors will eventually cease if there is no coordination (also the Blood Pressure Clinics, Health Information Sessions, Fit Club, etc.).
  • No expansion of community partnerships i.e. outreach to the wider community

healthFunding: Bishop and Chapter supports the concept of hiring a Parish Nurse, but at the moment sufficient funds are not available. Money is the issue. Bishop and Chapter has endorsed a Pledge Campaign to support the funding for a salaried part-time Parish Nurse position.

We have a long-time congregational member who has undertaken the Parish Nursing Certification Training (funded by the Cathedral) and feels she has a vocation to this ministry. She is willing to take on this role.

A Pledge Campaign to financially support the Parish Nurse position
at Christ Church Cathedral

The positive/immense value of the Parish Nurse to the members of the Cathedral congregation has now been well documented and appreciated.

The Health Ministry Team, with the consent of Bishop and Chapter, is holding a Pledge Campaign in April to financially support a part-time, salaried position of a Parish Nurse at the Cathedral for at least the next 5 years. From April 10 -24, we will be accepting pledges to raise a minimum of $11,000 each year for the next 5 years.

We are asking you to prayerfully consider contributing to this campaign – whether it be a few dollars a week/month for the next 5 years, or perhaps if you are able, much more than that.

Give online (one time or recurring monthly)

or Download the Pledge Form
(save to your local computer, fill, save, and attach to email)

We are very grateful that, without even being asked, 3 members of the congregation have already each offered $1,000 or more for each of these 5 years.

It is important to note that the Bishop and Chapter requires that pledges made to support the Parish Nursing position be in addition to regular giving commitments.

Can you help? If so, please contact:
Jaye Hawkins <jwh.hawkins at>
(506) 455-5519
Jaye and Barb Toole are co-chairing the Pledge Campaign



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