Bishop and Chapter News – Feb 2016

Members of Bishop and Chapter met this past Monday evening, 15 February, with 10 of 13 members present. The Dean offered some reflections on the discipline of Lent and some ideas from an article by Mark Galli from Christianity Today entitled: “Giving Up Self-Discipline for Lent.”
Minutes from the December 2015 and January 2016 (budget formation) were adopted.

Business Arising
• Nominating Committee – update -Nominations for Synod Delegates and Treasurer have been secured. We still need a member of the Chapter (Christian Formation) and a recording secretary.
• Cathedral Long-term Maintenance Plan -A first meeting was held to consider formulating and tracking a long-range plan. An updated proposal for quotations and scope of work will be acquired with a second proposal, if possible. A history of documents and studies will be assembled, organized with the goal of making these more easily accessible.
• Planning for Memorial Hall upgrades – A group for the purpose of creating a comprehensive overview plan has not yet met but we will proceed with critical known items, including chair lift repair
• Support for Refugees – Ten parishes plus the Cathedral will join initially to sponsor a family as soon as possible. A bulletin insert will be published on 21 February with further information and ways to be involved.
• Organist/Music Director Search – Thirteen applications were received and the Committee is formulating a short list.

Items for Decision
• Financial Statements 2015 and Budget 2016 as presented in the 2016 Annual Report were adopted by carried motion.
• Parish Nurse Staff Position – A further proposal and recommendation was received from the Health Ministry Team regarding a salaried staff position of Parish Nurse and possible funding for the same. The Chapter will endeavour to further consult with the Health Ministry Team.
• All Members Congregational Visitation – A tentative decision was made during the fall of 2015 to conduct an every member visitation for the purpose of communication, feedback and relationship building. Jamie Yeamans has agreed to lead the Project and the Chapter decided to move forward with the last week of April and first week of May as the target for visitations.
• Stair Lift Repair – Conscious of the need for accessibility, it was decided to direct the Property Committee to spend up to $5000 for repair of the Cathedral Hall stair lift.

From the Dean
Baptism preparation for Easter, confirmation preparation beginning this week, 5 groups using “Meditative Prayer” for Lenten Study. Diocesan meetings, home communions, home visits, nursing homes.

Items for Discussion
• Request from Scouts – for additional storage space in the basement of Cathedral Memorial Hall. Several options were discussed and the chair of the Property Committee will communicate with the leadership to propose some options
• Annual Meeting – Last minute details for the Annual Meeting on 21 December at 2:00 p.m. discussed including: child care to be offered for those with young children; the Dean will chair; it was decided there would be no need for refreshments

There were no critical updates from Chapter Committees

Next Meeting
Monday, 14 March 2016, 7:00 p.m. GMH


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