Agnus Dei Pictorial – Michael Khoury

These are a few of the many images I made, depicting my rendition of the beautiful stained glass windows inside the Christ Church Cathedral in Fredericton. I created this video keeping in mind the Holy Week celebrations occurring this week throughout the world.

photography Michael Khoury
video design Michael Khoury
music ‘Agnus Dei’ – Karl Jenkins


5 thoughts on “Agnus Dei Pictorial – Michael Khoury

  1. Incredibly beautiful​. The images with the blurring effects of the colors are stunning. In some of the shots it almost looks like spiritual beings with there arms raised above them floating in the air.

  2. Incredible how affecting this is, as art should be! The story of redemption is there in the stained glass windows, static and strong and beautiful. But Khoury’s provided a further interpretation in how he’s presented those truths in the windows. I saw in Khoury’s work the praises of God’s people rising up to the heavens and God’s blessing shining on his people, and the fragmenting of life as Jesus is crucified, typified by the windows looking as if they are shuddering. It reminded me of the earthquake when he died, and the veil in the temple being torn top to bottom. And then the clarity of the cross: the core of it all. And I saw the communion of the saints towards the end of the video, and it reminded me that we are all the body of Christ, with different gifts and callings, but we are one. Absolutely wonderful, and so moving. Hope this video is on YouTube. Thank you Michael!

    • Thank you so much. I am profoundly drawn to the aesthetic of stained glass windows in cathedrals. They are beautiful and I wanted to express my own interpretation and admiration through these images.

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