Congratulations to St. Hilda’s class of 2017 and scholarship winner Jocelyn Herrara


Best wishes to the 2017 graduating class from St. Hilda’s School in Belize! A special congratulations also to Miss Jocelyn Herrara, this years recipient of the “Canadian Friends of St. Hilda’s Scholarship”.



I am 12 years old.  I live in Georgeville Village. My greatest wish is to go to high school, sixth form and the University of Belize.  I love school and I am praying to get a scholarship so I can get and education which is the first step to being successful in life.  I am very smart and enjoy reading any book I can get my hands on.  

I’m glad I got this opportunity to write to you in hopes of getting a scholarship.  This is probably my only chance at moving on to high school so my hopes and dreams lie in this letter.  I come from a very poor family and if it wasn’t for my teacher Miss Indira my mom wouldn’t have even considered high school.  After coming in first in my class for first and second term, my teacher begged my mom to find a way to send me to high school.  I have goals that I want to achieve so I can lift my family.  My father works part time and the money he receives for his hard work is never enough.  After paying rent and buying food for the house we are not left with much.

I am thankful for this opportunity and your time to listen to what I have to say.  I hope you enjoyed learning about me.  I really want the chance to become a better person and to help my family in the future.  I thank you so much for every child you have given an opportunity to over the years.  It would be great if I got a chance to receive the scholarship this year.

Sincerely yours,

– Jocelyn Herrara, 2017 Scholarship recipient


“She is the first for her family to have the opportunity to get a high school education. She comes from a very humble single parent household. Her mother would not have been able to send her to high school. I have faith that she will do well as she has the desire to make a difference. Ms. Indira and I have pledged our support to assist her with her schooling. We have made available the internet and computer from the school so she will have access to do assignments. We spoke to her and her mother today and explained the expectations to retain this scholarship. She has enrolled at Eden High School”

– Jane Martinez, Principal at St. Hilda’s




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