Congratulations to Ms Jane (in Belize) with the second highest GPA!

Greetings Mrs. Bev:

Sorry for not responding earlier. i read the email yesterday but got so busy that I forgot to respond. I am glad to hear that you had some time off for family and relaxing. We are back at workshops and this will continue until school reopens the first week of September. The holiday is over although I did not get much of a holiday. I was preparing for final presentations for a School Leadership program that I was enrolled in this year. We had our graduation yesterday. I must say that God has been faithful to me and given me favor among my colleagues. I was awarded with the second highest GPA. Yeah!! To God be the Glory!! 
I am encouraged by your trust and dedication to St. Hilda’s. The children are all doing well and making final preparations for the reopening of school High School year will begin on August 28th. I am in the final stages of preparation for Jocelyn as well. We have a few more books that we will get from the school to prepare her for her journey. She is so excited about this opportunity. I keep encouraging her to do her best and ask for help when needed. I really want her to succeed. I have five staff members who will be on internship this school year so we have a challenge ahead. I may also have to teach the Standard 6 class so I ask for your prayers. Being administrator and teachers is not an easy task. I continue to thank you for your support and pledge to continue working with my staff, parents and the community to transform St. Hilda’s and make it a shining light in this community.
Blessings to you and the church family.
Best Regards,
Jane Martinez