Episcopal Church of Roatan (Nelson and Kara Ministry) April 2019 Update

Please continue to pray for:

  1. Continued and stable financial support for the next three years as we continue to serve the Lord on Roatán, Honduras.
  2. The ongoing construction in Coxen Hole. Pray for the remaining installation stages: Cement concrete for the floor and ceramic tiles.
  3. Our congregations: St. Peter by the Sea in Brick Bay, and Emmanuel in Coxen Hole.
  4. Please pray for the Rev. Robert Browning and for his new ministry to English-speakers at Eastern Roatan.
  5. Pray for Rev. Kara Mejia and Jennifer Guzman from the church in Brick Bay, that they will represent our Church in Roatan and the Dioceses in a Episcopal Youth Event (EJE), in Panama this coming July 2019.
  6. For Joarys and Grissel and the process for getting their Canadian visas to visit Canada.
  7. For youth leadership, that God will provide someone to minister to and guide the young people.
  8. Spiritual and practical outreach in the local communities.
  9. For leadership for the Church in Roatán.
  10. The Episcopal Church in Honduras, for the process toward self-sufficiency by the end of 2019.

Thank you to all who have faithfully prayed and faithfully given to support this incredible work of ministering to the people in our congregations. Matthew 25:40: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Your prayers and continued support enable us to continue touching people’s lives with Jesus’ love.

For all the latest news from Nelson and Kara’s ministry in Honduras, please check out their August 2018 update below!



Update from Belize high school scholarship student, Anique Hernandez (Grade 12)

Glad to hear all is well with you. I’m doing very well thank you for asking. I’m
happy you wrote to me so I can tell you that yes, I am enjoying my final year at
Sacred Heart. It has been a wonderful and adventurous experience. I’m sad to see it
come to an end, but at the same time I am very pleased. This year has been a wild
roller coaster ride for me. There were many ups and down in my school life this
final year but I stuck it out and tried the best I could. Lately I’ve been a little off on
my work, I guess 4 th form work is not as easy as I anticipated. I am working very
hard so I can have better grades. Aside from all the bad things that happened, I’m
still a happy little soul who tries to spread good cheer to everyone. My school has
recently created a youth group for people at school. I think it would be good for me
to be a part of such a wonderful group.

It is also with great pleasure to say my regular classes will end in a month or two
from now. I have many different finals to study for and complete in order to
graduate. There are my Diploma exams, ATLIB exams as well as the CXC
examinations. I am also still a member of the fabulous Cheer team only because
this year it’s a bit different from the usual thing, this year our group only perform
dances. We do many different types of dances for different occasions. We are
currently planning to raise funds for one of our teachers who had Cancer. We see it
as a great way to give back to the school. We also have great plans for graduation.

We plan to do a special dance on Parents night for our parents. It has been very
exciting to be able to work with such a superb group of young opened minded

It would be so nice to meet your lovely church community. Hope you guys pray
for me, I need blessings and strength at this point in my life. I would gladly send
you a biography of me along with a picture as soon as I have some free time. I will
probably have this weekend free so I would be more than happy to send it for you.
I hope you guys keep doing well and have a year full of blessings and love

Your Friend

P.S I’m sorry that it’s not a lot, but I told you all the important stuff

Update from Belize high school scholarship student, Jocelyn Herrera (Grade 10)

So far I am doing good here and I hope that you all are doing great in New
Brunswick. This second year at Eden is excellent. I am enjoying it more than the
first. I am working really hard to achieve a grade of A in all five core subjects so
that I don’t have to take any exams. My goal for this year is to get A’s and I will
push myself to the limit to achieve this goal.
I did enjoy my summer and Christmas break. I was able to visit some family
members. I had a beautiful time with them. I felt blessed to be given the chance to
spend time with the people I love. Here in Belize we don’t get snow but we
experience cold fronts. We also get a lot of rain. Even when it rains I enjoy myself
because my siblings and I go outside and run up and down in the rain. We all have
great times.
You asked for a short bio of myself so here I go. I am an intelligent, respectful,
kind and loving young woman. My favourite subject is Social Studies. My
favourite activity is swimming. I love reading a book named “Chestnut Hill” (The
New Class). I love horses. My wish is to own a horse in the future. I speak three
languages which are Spanish, English and Creole.
I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for all the support you are giving me.
I really appreciate it and I will work hard to make you proud.

Best Wishes,
Jocelyn Herrera

Update from Belize high school scholarship student, Jenniah Tillett (Grade 9)

My name is Jenniah Tillett. I am 14 years old and I am in the class of 1Toucan at
Eden High School. At Eden I met up with a lot of friends. I have more than I
could ever ask for. Even in my village I have made new friend and I feel so
blessed to know that I have so many family, friends and church family wishing me
much success in my life. My favorite subject is English. I like to play sports and I
am so glad that my school offers me the opportunity to play. I especially enjoy
football and volleyball.
When I’m not in school I play with my friends and cousins. Of course, I try to
balance my time because I am working really hard to get good grades so that I can
keep my scholarship and make everyone proud of me. I really appreciate what you
are doing for me and I am extremely happy to be a part of your church family. I
will do my best in school. Once again, Thank you very much.

Respectfully Yours,
Jenniah Tillett

Health Fair at St. Hilda’s School in Belize

Greetings from sunny Bellize😊. Our dry season is starting so the days are really hot! I just wanted to send you an update of events at St. Hilda’s. Hopefully I can send you most of the pictures from our Health Fair. We had personnel from Ministry of Health doing displays and presentations. Each class also did presentations. It was very informative and enjoyable. I will also send some receipts for purchases made. We were able to install whiteboard in every class now. Yeah!! We continue to pray for you all that God will bless your ministry. Thank you all for partnering with St. Hilda’s. 
Jane Martinez (Principal at St. Hilda’s School)

Children’s Day at St. Hilda’s School in Belize

The following is a letter sent to the Belize Mission Team by Jane Martinez, principal at St. Hilda’s School:

Hoping that all is well with you and yours. Just a few pics to share for our Children’s Day last Friday. We had a competitive but enjoyable time. Children were separated into four color groups. We played games and competed against each other. The Green group won. Please greet the church for us. I pray you have a wonderful holiday season.



Library Project Ahead of Schedule!

Update from Rev. Paul Jeffries at Bishop McAllister College and Anglican Seminary in Uganda:
Our big project we have been working on has been the construction of a library. I thought it might take six or more years because of the enormous cost, but we have made wonderful progress in less than two years. I will attach a couple of photos. We have been enjoying a visit from Rosemarie Kingston the past president of Diocesan ACW, with her husband and another parishioner of St. Lukes Gondola Pint. Darryl is an electrician , and he was able to wire the library during his visit. Another step forward.
Greetings to everyone your end, and thank you so much for all your support.
God bless!

The Hansens in Belize

A new family will be helping Father Alenskis for the next year in San Ignacio, Belize. This link has some photos of their rented home as well as some photos from St. Andrew’s church and the youth group going around town singing Christmas carols at people’s doors. You may find it funny to see everyone in T-shirts and shorts at Christmas!

Our New Home and Work Photos