About Us

Christ Church Cathedral Missions Committee

The Missions Committee, established at the cathedral in 2008, encourages and promotes mission work as a means of living out our Christian faith – as individuals and as the cathedral family. Our mission statement is “Serving God in mission, sharing Jesus with the world.”

The committee financially and prayerfully supports several mission-based causes:

  • Bishop McAllister College and Anglican Seminary in Bushenyi, Uganda
  • The Mejia family serving with the South American Missionary Society in Roatan, Honduras

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Committee members continue to look for opportunities to

  • invite guest speakers to share their experiences with mission work (e.g., Canon Paul Jeffries from Bishop McAllister College in Uganda is expected at the cathedral in the autumn of 2016)
  • endorse the peace, justice and development work of PWRDF 


Through these activities, we hope to lead our congregation into action that will make a difference around the globe and here at home.

The members of the Missions Committee include, Brad McKnight (Treasurer), Dean Geoffrey Hall, Eric Hadley (B&C Representative), Gregg Finley, Helen Sullivan (Secretary), John Dos Santos, Kurt Schmidt, and Sam Mayo. Our committee operates using a revolving Chair member every other month. If you would like to become involved or are interested in more information from our committee or partners, please let one of us know.