Rectors Newsletter – November 10th, 2021

Rectors Newsletter – November 10th, 2021

Dear Friends,

As I wrote back in February things were going well, slowly beginning to normalize. Senior students at each level were preparing for national exam, and other classes were studying at various intervals. The plan was to have the normal school year back in place within two years. We were feeling pretty optimistic, despite what was going in the rest of the world. 

The Library compound was finished. Some of you may have been left wondering what we would do with the large hole in front of the library. Even I was left wondering for a long period of time. Then it became obvious to me. It would become an outdoor auditorium.


We were blessed in early March with an informal visit by Rt. Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni who came to check on the school and to encourage us in these difficult times. 

A highlight and a moment of personal encouragement for me was when I was recognized for my years of service by the Diocese of Ankole in late May. It was a tremendous honor and I continue to be so grateful that God has called me to serve in this particular part of his vineyard, and for his abundant grace and blessings for the past 23 years.

The good news is that in those first months of 2021 all the finalists successfully completed their examinations, and are now preparing for their next level of studies. The bad news is that a second wave of covid hit us in May, and in early June the President put the country under full lockdown. Once again, we were to stay in our homes apart from getting necessities, but the use of cars and other forms of passenger transport were banned. The good news is that the lockdown worked, and restrictions were partially lifted. Curfew of 7 pm remained, and churches and schools remained closed. Churches were eventually allowed to reopen at the end of September and universities as of November 1st

The availability of vaccines in Uganda is improving slowly slowly. The government is optimistic that they well have as many as 12 million doses by December. The actual process of vaccination was problematic for a while, but there has been much improvement and there have been an increasing number of mass vaccination exercises.

So, what does the future hold for primary and secondary schools. A few days back, the President announced that everything including schools would open up fully in January. News that we were happy to receive. Previously there were conditions set that had to be met before this could happen. One is that 5 million people must be fully vaccinated. This group are the vulnerable, those over 60, the vulnerable etc. (Those over 65 years of ag comprise just under 2% of the total population). Secondly that all teachers, staff and students over 18 are fully vaccinated. A big task but I’m becoming optimistic. About 3.5 million doses have been administered so far. The argument behind the decision not to open the schools is that the children will catch covid and spread it to the unvaccinated adults in their families, potentially creating another generation of orphans as AIDs did previously. 

We are now beginning to prepare the school for reopening in 6 weeks’ time, although we have yet to be told the specifics of how it will happen. Theological studies have already resumed this past week. So, there are signs of normalcy returning at the school. 

Despite all of the hardships we were able to make good progress on some of the school projects before we were closed again. We were able to reach the roofing stage on all three of the music buildings, with the concrete also be poured in the choral rehearsal room, as well construct a new administration building to keep up with our growth these past twenty plus years. We were very pleased to complete the first phase of construction including roofing. 

Left (Music, Dance & Drama/Band; Center (Electronic Keyboard Lab); Right (Choral Rehearsal Room)

New Administration Block



While 2021 was not the year we anticipated, and that it brought further difficulties for the school, our staff, and students, we have much to be thankful for just the same. Because of the tremendous support we received in 2020 – 2021 the school continues to be in great shape and we will be able to reopen in the coming months with minimal difficulties. We are grateful to have been able to celebrate with Rev. Joseph Tusinguire, our student for 6 years, and now Chaplain, Teacher, and Coordinator of Theology program, as he wed Praise. We congratulate Joseph and Praise and wish them all the best in their new life together.

On this happy note let me close. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate everyones support for so many years, and particularly in this difficult period. With your help we are truly making a difference. May God continue to bless and keep you!


Rev. Canon Paul Jeffries


Bishop McAllister College & Bishop McAllister Anglican Seminary

“To God be the Glory”

Episcopal Church of Roatan / Nelson and Kara Ministry (December Update 2021)

December Update 2021

The tree is decorated, the presents are almost wrapped and the Christmas dinner is all planned out, however our favorite part is to give all glory and honor to the Lord for your partnering with us. Without your support and especially your prayers, our ministry would never have been possible. We give our heartfelt special thanks to all of you for your sacrificial giving as parishes and individuals who with great effort and prayers contributed to make our ministry possible; all honor and glory be to God.

Nothing stops the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we continue to spread his word of peace, love and compassion for our people.

Our Bishop Lloyd Allen just recently gave instructions to all clergy to reopen all the church buildings in Honduras. Due to the pandemic some of the buildings had been closed. 

At the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Roatan our buildings continue to be open as we comply with all the biosecurity requirements. 


On the Second Sunday of Advent we moved the church to the beach to celebrate ten baptisms, one adult and nine kids from Emmanuel Church in Coxen Hole, where five families got together to make their faith public and become new Christians as Jesus commanded us to do.

A mother was baptized with her two boys and two girls it was a blessing that the whole family became part of the body of Christ. Congratulations to all of them.

Christmas At Emmanuel

On Sunday the 19th we had a special Christmas service programmed so that the boys and girls as well as the adults could participate with Christmas songs, choreographed music, Bible verses and drama.


It was a very enjoyable time and it was beautiful to see children and adults put into practice their gifts and qualities to exalt and  glorify the name of our God, who has given us salvation through his son Jesus Christ.

Also during this special service we collected an offering which will be used to finalize the project of Emmanuel Church’s floor.

Impact of Covid 19 in Honduras and Roatan

To update you on the impact of Covid 19 on Roatan, at the moment we have a few cases of Covid 19, and the Covid center continues to be open for the people to go for rapid and PCR tests free of charge. 95% of the population is vaccinated with the two shots. We are at the moment waiting for the booster shot. I want to share with you that my wife, the Rev. Kara Thompson de Mejia, was infected with Covid 19, and she is recovering from the aftermath of the virus. Thanks to the Lord and your prayers, she is recovering very well.

Financial Support

On the financial side, we continue to be very positive and to pray and praise God with faith and thanksgiving. We also ask you to continue to pray about our finances, that for the next year and in coming years our support will stabilize and be sufficient to cover our needs. At the moment our balance is very low, so we have a deficit of over CAD 4000.00.   Therefore, please consider sending a special offering in order to balance our finances for our expenses and the ministry in Roatan.

To donate now, please click on the following link (or copy and paste it into your browser):

Or you can visit the Diocese of Fredericton’s website ( then go to “Donate” for various ways to give online. Be sure to select “Honduras Mission Fund”.

Address change

Cheques should be made payable to “The Diocesan Synod of Fredericton” and sent to: Anglican Diocesan Synod of Fredericton, 

168 Church Street Room 20, Fredericton, N.B. E3B 4C9

Phone: (506) 459-1801

All cheques should have “Honduras Mission” noted on the reference line.

We know that with the global impact of the pandemic it is difficult for everyone in the world. That said, we greatly appreciate your prayer and financial support to date and trust that you will continue to support us.

Previews apdates:

Please continue to pray for:

1.   For our family: Nelson, Kara, Stephen and Kelly.

2.   Pray for Stephen Mejia Thompson, our son as he continues studying at Providence University College in Manitoba; he is in his second year. 

3.   Continued and stable financial support for the next years as we continue to serve the Lord in Roatán, Honduras.

4.   The ongoing construction in Coxen Hole. Pray for the remaining installation stages: Cement concrete for the floor at the moment.

5.   Our congregations: St. Peter by the Sea in Brick Bay, and Emmanuel in Coxen Hole, that we can embrace the new year with a different way of worshiping, but focusing on Jesus Christ. 

6.   Please pray for the Rev. Robert Browning and for his ministry to English-speakers in Eastern Roatán.

7.   Evangelism and practical outreach in the local communities in the midst of the pandemic. 

8.  For leadership for the Church in Roatán that embraces the new challenges as we serve in the Kingdom of God.  

9.  The Episcopal Church in Honduras and our Bishop Lloyd Allen

Thank you to all who have faithfully prayed and faithfully given to support this incredible work of ministering to the people in our congregations.

Matthew 25:40: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Your prayers and continued support enable us to continue touching people’s lives with Jesus’ love.

Empowering the Church

Learning, Growing and Serving

Nelson and Kara Mejia