Update from Belize high school scholarship student, Jocelyn Herrera (Grade 10)

So far I am doing good here and I hope that you all are doing great in New
Brunswick. This second year at Eden is excellent. I am enjoying it more than the
first. I am working really hard to achieve a grade of A in all five core subjects so
that I don’t have to take any exams. My goal for this year is to get A’s and I will
push myself to the limit to achieve this goal.
I did enjoy my summer and Christmas break. I was able to visit some family
members. I had a beautiful time with them. I felt blessed to be given the chance to
spend time with the people I love. Here in Belize we don’t get snow but we
experience cold fronts. We also get a lot of rain. Even when it rains I enjoy myself
because my siblings and I go outside and run up and down in the rain. We all have
great times.
You asked for a short bio of myself so here I go. I am an intelligent, respectful,
kind and loving young woman. My favourite subject is Social Studies. My
favourite activity is swimming. I love reading a book named “Chestnut Hill” (The
New Class). I love horses. My wish is to own a horse in the future. I speak three
languages which are Spanish, English and Creole.
I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for all the support you are giving me.
I really appreciate it and I will work hard to make you proud.

Best Wishes,
Jocelyn Herrera

Posted in Belize.

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