News from Belize!!

Congratulations to SHANTEL JONES as she graduates from Memorial University of Newfoundland with the degree of Bachelor of Nursing on October 5th!

The Cathedral mission team that served in Belize in 2007 met both Shantel Jones and Ashley Jones at that time.  Ashley was assisted by our church family until she graduated from high school.  Shantel was financially supported through high school by one of our missioners, Susan Watson and her family.  Then, with help from our Cathedral family, Susan and her family continued to ‘walk along side of’ Shantel throughout her university years at Memorial.

Many will remember the service here at our Cathedral in 2012 when Shantel visited to express her thanks to us for the education she was receiving thanks to the love and generosity of her Canadian friends.  The words she spoke to us were from her heart as she thanked us for our help, and she touched each one of us present at that service with her words of gratitude.

I believe we also have been blessed by our relationship with Shantel and the other Belizean students who have been given the opportunity to go on to higher education.  From this beginning with Shantel and Ashley, the “Canadian Friends of St. Hilda’s” scholarship was established by the members of the 2010 team to St. Hilda’s in Belize.  Today our Cathedral church continues to sponsor four students per year as they go on to higher education after finishing Grade 8 at St. Hilda’s School.

Congratulations Shantel – and well done!

YOU ARE INVITED TO SIGN A CONGRATULATORY CARD TO SHANTEL ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH. The card will be circulated after the service this Sunday.  The card will go with Susan Watson when they leave for Newfoundland on September 28th to attend Shantel’s graduation.

August 2017 Newsletter from Bishop McAllister College in Uganda

Similar to the summer we have had in Fredericton, Rev. Canon Paul Jeffries tells us it has been a very dry few months in Uganda. Check out the link below for stories and pictures of the latest happenings at Bishop McAllister College.

See the following links for more details about their ambitious building plans for the new library: