New Music Department Project at Bishop McAllister College in Uganda

Message from Rev. Canon Paul Jeffries at Bishop McAllister College in Uganda:

As we prepare new site for construction (as well as harvest timbers), we were joined today by Chairman of BOG Lay Canon Freedom James and my long time friend and colleague, Rev. Canon Caleb Twinamatsiko, former Headteacher of Bishop McAllister College to break ground for our new music department project. Praise God for this wonderful start to the new year!

Architects Artistic Drawings of Music Department L-R Band/Dance/Drama Rehearsal Room; Electronic Keyboard Lab; Choral Rehearsal Room; Ensemble Room.
Boys dorm in background; St. Andrews Church foreground.

Bishop McAllister College and Anglican Seminary Library is Complete!

Here is a picture of the completed library project at Bishop McAllister College and Anglican Seminary in Uganda.


This wonderful message celebrating the school was also shared recently by Rev. Paul Jeffries: 

Over 2000 orphans and less privileged Ugandans have gone through this hill without paying a coin. They enter when all they have is hope and leave with material and dreams they hoped for. Thousands have risen from grass to grace… Many are working here and abroad as Professors, Clergy, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Journalists, Teachers, business gurus…etc .. Thank you Canon Paul Jeffries, Canon Caleb Twinamatsiko and the gracious givers in USA and Canada. Mwebare kutuha amatsiko. Long live Bishop McAllister College.

Yedidia Nyakahangura


2019 Spring and Summer Updates from Bishop McAllister College and Anglican Seminary in Uganda

There has been a lot going on at Bishop McAllister College since our last update from Rev. Paul Jeffries in March, 2019.

There has been great progress on our new library! Anticipate completion of construction October 2019! To God be the Glory!

Samples of future library furniture completed!

It has been 15 years since began our dining hall project. Lots of delays of course as other more pressing demands came up. But thanks be to God, it is now complete! Over the past few months we have plastered the interior walls, finished the floor, built the veranda, and plastered the exterior of the building. Just finished the painting. Praise God!Dining Hall complete after 15 years! Thanks be to God!

Ten years on, construction of the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist is now complete! Praise God!

Rector’s Challenge 2019

Students sing in inter house competitions #bishopmcallistercollegekyogyera.

Students and pupils showing their talents in MDD. Its been a wonderful weekend at the hill. Canon Caleb you must be missing this!!!!!

Tr.Marie giving out sports’ equipment and telescope to the school!!!!!

Palm Sunday and Easter Vigil 2019

PTA Meeting, Resurrection Race and more…

Library Project Ahead of Schedule!

Update from Rev. Paul Jeffries at Bishop McAllister College and Anglican Seminary in Uganda:
Our big project we have been working on has been the construction of a library. I thought it might take six or more years because of the enormous cost, but we have made wonderful progress in less than two years. I will attach a couple of photos. We have been enjoying a visit from Rosemarie Kingston the past president of Diocesan ACW, with her husband and another parishioner of St. Lukes Gondola Pint. Darryl is an electrician , and he was able to wire the library during his visit. Another step forward.
Greetings to everyone your end, and thank you so much for all your support.
God bless!

August 2017 Newsletter from Bishop McAllister College in Uganda

Similar to the summer we have had in Fredericton, Rev. Canon Paul Jeffries tells us it has been a very dry few months in Uganda. Check out the link below for stories and pictures of the latest happenings at Bishop McAllister College.

See the following links for more details about their ambitious building plans for the new library:


The Annual Country and Bluegrass Gospel Show

Saturday, May 13, 7:30 p.m.  The Annual Country and Bluegrass Gospel Show, in support of the work of Canon Paul Jeffries at Bishop McAllister College in Uganda, will be held at St. Mary’s Anglican Church (780 McEvoy Street, Fredericton). The lineup of entertainers features Copper Kettle Bluegrass Boyz, Eagles Rise, Duane Drost, Valerie Donovan, and Millen Anderson & Veronica. Admission is $10 at the door.

Rectors Newsletter March 2017

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Bishop McAllister College and Anglican Seminary! It has been a long time since ive been able to get a newsletter out, but a shout of thanks goes out to Teacher Ainebyoona Annibo who made this possible. Annibo is busy rebuilding the school web site for which we are greatly appreciative.

We are now comfortably into our new school year, having opened a few weeks back.



Students reported in large numbers, building on last years surge in enrolment, we are now almost a thousand students. All very exciting and encouraging. The increase is largely due to the consistent academic performance (2nd in our local school district) and the good discipline of our students. We are very grateful to our faithful teaching staff who have made this success possible, often working in difficult conditions. But we know well, that all things are possible with God.

We are very thankful for all the blessings of 2016. Some of the highlights were …

  1. Enrolment increased by 20%
  2. For the beds and desks for all the new students.


For many years we have struggled with having enough water for our growing population. Going from crisis to crisis in 2016 we were able to connect to the the national water supply. i think for the students that wat was one of the highlights of our development. Probably also a highlight for the Headmaster who on many times days was driving back and forth to a nearby town carrying water.  



For construction of a new girls dorm consisting of a staff apartment, tow dorm rooms, baths and toilets in the primary section.


For the completion a new room for boys replacing the former chapel they were using (a mud structure)



And for the finishing of the classroom blocks we had constructed some years ago.



The school is a busy place now. New students have settled in to their new school, for some their first boarding school. While many are looking forward to the annual Rectors “Resurrection Race” part of our Lenten activities as we make our way to Jerusalem, some very dedicated staff and students gather each morning at 6:30 am for a lenten bible study. They are studying the Gospel of Mark this year.



After being out of touch for so long, there is to much to share and to give thanks for in one news letter.

But these are a few of the highlights. As we begin this new school year we are still faced with some challenges, some of which are pressing. Of an increase in enrolment means there is a further need for more beds and desks. At present we need 50 sets of bunk beds, 25 triple desks and 30 single desks.


We are also facing a big challenge in the computer program. Our aging computers are few in number and no longer adequate for the job. So we are faced with replacing the existing computers and increasing their numbers. At present we have about 25 computers about 15 years old, shared amongst 250 students. In the first phase we are looking to instal 13 System units, each unit accommodating six students at separate stations. Already we have been able to install one unit, and it is working great.



But the most pressing challenge of all is accommodation for girls. The girls have far surpassed the numbers their dorm can accommodate. To reduce the congestion and to prepare space for new students in 2018 we are faced with the urgent challenge of constructing 1-2 rooms for them.



Please join us in giving thanks for all our tremendous blessings, and praying for us as work to address the  challenges of 2017. Please check out our Chaplains Prayer Letter.

We continue to be so grateful for all your prayers and financial support. May God bless you and keep you!

God bless!


Rev. Canon Paul Jeffries


Bishop McAllister College & Bishop McAllister Anglican Seminary