Letter from Indira Spain mother of Belize student Anique Hernandez

The following is from a recent letter sent by Indira Spain who is the mother of Belize scholarship student, Anique Hernandez, and also a teacher at St. Hilda’s school.

June 17, 2017 

Good Evening Miss Bev,

Greetings from wet Belize.  The rain started a little while ago and has completely cooled down our corner of the Earth (Thank God for that).  I’m very sorry that I did not respond to your last letter but I didn’t have access to a computer.  My computer updated itself and now I can’t use it.  The update wasn’t compatible or something like that and now I’m without a machine.  

As I said in a previous email, I will be picking up Anique’s report card on the 22nd and will email you a copy as soon as I get it.  I thank you again for all that  you do for my little girl and I.  your gift is priceless and I pray for you and your church everyday because you are so awesome.  You are a true picture of what it is to be christ like.  You help me keep my faith going and for that I thank you.  I ask that your church family say a special prayer for me as I embark on my internship this coming September.  I finished up all my courses and now need to complete internship to receive my certificate in Primary Education.  Internship is a grueling 13 weeks and is so very expensive.  With God’s grace I’m sure I’ll meet all expenses and keep my sanity.  :)… Keep me in your prayers.

I had my top 5 students write letter which I typed.  Please find them attached all in one document.  Its a really hard decision and I’m sure you will agree after reading the letters.  Thank you for your yearly blessings.  We at St. Hilda’s love all of you. 

Sincerely Yours, 

 Indira Spain