You Better Belize It!

It is official! The 2018 Belize mission team has booked their flights and will be starting preparations soon for their mission trip in January. The team consists of Rebecca Butler-Goddard, Nat Fetter, Caryn Gunter, The Very Rev. Geoffrey Hall, Kelley Hall, Beverly Morell and Jim Morell. Please keep them in your prayers, along with the staff and students at St. Hilda’s Anglican School, and stay tuned for ways you may be able to help out as part of the home team.

IVCF NB Fall Update from Abigail Wood

Invite, Invite, Invite!
In September people are more open to try new things than any other time of year.  We have been inviting widely all month to meals and Bible studies.  During the first few weeks of class at UNB, STU, and MTA, students attended clubs fairs and invited everyone who stopped by to kick-off barbecues at their homes.  Students in our communities were taking advantage of all opportunities to make new connections.

At the clubs fair: Fredericton students Chiara, Mary Jo, and Wade hand out invitations to meals & Bible studies
We are off-campus
In both Fredericton and Sackville, student life happens just as much off campus as it does on campus.  A group of students in Fredericton have committed their homes (4 houses!) to be “community houses”.  These houses are spaces of hospitality and prayer.  In Fredericton two houses are hosting open dinners every week. These dinners have been gathering points for both students who come almost every week and those who want to come and check out our community or just don’t feel like cooking.  A handful of students in Fredericton and Sackville are meeting every morning to pray for for their friends and their campuses.  Much of this prayer is happening in community houses.
A Weekend Retreat
InterVarsity Undergraduate at Mount Allison grabs a group photo at the retreat
“I need to read my Bible and pray more” is what students tend to say when they want to engage more deeply with their faith.  We decided to use our fall retreat, a weekend away at Camp Medley, to give students tools on how to read their Bibles and pray better.  We gave some examples of different ways to engage with prayer and scripture, such as lectio divina, praying through psalms, and sitting in silence.  One student said that while praying through the psalms, she heard from God more clearly than she ever had before.

Choosing Rest Over Busyness

Our retreat intentionally had a very light schedule.  This gave students space to try out some of the prayer and scripture exercises we showed them.  It also gave them space to nap, play frisbee, drink tea, sit in the sun, or do homework if they needed to.  One student decided to leave her phone in her cabin for the whole weekend.  On Friday night this was causing her a bit of anxiety, especially as she wouldn’t even have a time piece, but on Sunday she was completely content to just sit and be.  Students are learning that God does not call them to constantly perform and prove their worth, but that he calls them to healthy rhythms of both work and rest.

Fundraising Update
I am on campus! Together we raised enough money for me to start on campus in September.  This is incredible, and I am very thankful. We still need to gather about $500 in monthly support to raise the full budget.  Will you consider committing to a monthly gift of $50 or $100? 
Prayer Requests


We want to be welcoming to all. Please pray that students with diverse backgrounds and diverse beliefs will come to and feel welcomed at our dinners, Bible studies, and informal gatherings.
In Sackville, community housing plans for next year are already underway. Sackville is unique in that most students are already signing leases for next year. Please pray that InterVarsity students who want to build a community house will have success finding roommates and a place to live.

Last call for Belize Missioners

The Belize Mission is a Go! At our recent meeting, there was enough interest to send a mission team to St. Hilda’s School in Belize. The one week mission will take place sometime between Jan.26 and February 18, 2018. The size of the mission team is open ended and anyone interested is invited to contact Brad McKnight, Beverly Morell or the Cathedral office. A final commitment will be needed by team members by Friday, October 20th.