Episcopal Church of Roatan / Nelson and Kara Ministry (May 2022 Update)

New update May 2022

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. (Philippians 1:3-5, NIV)

We give all glory and honour to the Lord for your partnering with us. Without your support and especially your prayers, our ministry would never have been possible.  We give our heartfelt special thanks to all of you for your sacrificial giving.

We know it has been a long time since we last visited you as a family and personally shared with you about our incredible ministry in Roatan. It has not been easy for us or for you either.

However, we continue in Roatan doing the ministry to which God has called us and that has been possible thanks to your prayers and the financial support that you have given us personally and as churches.

We have wanted to visit you personally and it has not been possible due to the governments’ COVID -related travel restrictions.

We are excited to share with you that next year, in 2023, we will be visiting you in your parishes and sharing our experiences with you.

We know that time passes quickly and we will share the dates with you as soon as we have them.

We thank God for your partnership in our ministry, especially in prayer.

Financial Support Appeal

On the financial side, we continue to be very positive and to pray and praise God with faith and thanksgiving. We also ask you to continue to pray about our finances, that for the next year and in coming years our support will stabilize and be sufficient to cover our needs. 

At the moment our balance is very low; in fact, we have a deficit of CAD 7249.00. Therefore, please consider sending a special offering in order to balance our finances for our expenses and the ministry in Roatan.

To donate now, please click on the following link (or copy and paste it into your browser):


Or you can visit the Diocese of Fredericton’s website (www.anglican.nb.ca) then go to “Donate” for various ways to give online. Be sure to select “Honduras Mission Fund”.

Cheques should be made payable to “The Diocesan Synod of Fredericton” and sent to: Anglican Diocesan Synod of Fredericton, 

168 Church Street Room 20, Fredericton, N.B. E3B 4C9

Phone: (506) 459-1801

All cheques should have “Honduras Mission” noted on the reference line.

We greatly appreciate your prayer and financial support to date and trust that you will continue to support us.

We want to share with you our prayer needs, and at the same time you can share your needs with us so we can pray for you, as the Word says to pray for each other.

Please continue to pray for:

1.   For our family: Nelson, Kara and Kelly as we continue serving the Lord in Roatán, and Stephen in Winnipeg. 

2.   Continued and stable financial support for the next years as we continue to serve the Lord in Roatán, Honduras. At the moment our balance is very low, so we have a deficit of CAD 7249.00. 

3.   Our congregations: St. Peter by the Sea in Brick Bay, and Emmanuel in Coxen Hole, that we can continue growing, worshiping, and focusing on Jesus Christ. 

4.   Please pray for the Rev. Robert Browning and for his ministry to English-speakers in Eastern Roatán.

5.   Evangelism and practical outreach in the local communities.

6.  For leadership for the Church in Roatán that embraces the challenges as we serve in the Kingdom of God.  

7. The Episcopal Church in Honduras and our Bishop Lloyd Allen, who continues leading our Diocese.

8. For Carmen, Arlin, Charon, Ingris and Alexy, that they continue in University here in Roatan.

Thank you to all who have faithfully prayed and faithfully given to support this incredible work of ministering to the people in our congregations.

Matthew 25:40: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Your prayers and continued support enable us to continue touching people’s lives with Jesus’ love.

Empowering the Church

Learning, Growing and Serving

Nelson and Kara Mejia

Rector’s Newsletter – May 2022

Rector’s Newsletter – May 2022

Dear Friends

Greetings from all of us Bishop McAllister College and Anglican Seminary! When we received news that all schools would fully reopen in January 2022, we were excited, but decided that the best approach was cautious optimism. I’m happy to report that as we are well into 2nd term, things are completely back to normal.  Students of all classes are back! Yay!

Reporting Day

Early January was a busy time, trying to organise the school, call teachers back (some hadn’t taught in two years) and prepare them for what was to come. Workshops were quickly organised as brief refresher courses but also to prepare teachers that there would be a great need for remedial work, and potential discipline issues they might face amongst their students, and how they might address them. We were told to expect a dropout rate of up to 30% due to teen pregnancies, early marriage, work, low morale and loss of interest in pursuing education. The good news is that things went quite smoothly in those early weeks. At Bishop McAllister we experienced a 20% dropout rate, but in some areas it has been as high 50%, all this is pretty much a rural issue where children face greater hardships and challenges. Government officials in those areas were told to go out in their areas and push children back into school. (In other words force parents who have liked having their children dig in the gardens or engage in other petty income generating tasks, to send their children back to school). We continued to experience a few students dropping out, up until the end of first term. As much as we tried to encourage them, they couldn’t either cope with being back in the restrictive environment of a school, or rekindle their interest in getting an education.

Teachers Workshop

First term went very well and we closed smoothly after 14 weeks. The length of the school term has been increased from 12 weeks to 14 weeks, to allow extra time for catching up on missed work. Students were fairly cooperative in those early weeks with wearing masks and following SOP’s.

Student Assembly & Vaccination Clinic

Of course, things have relaxed now in second term, pretty much reflecting society. We have lost the battle when it comes to enforcing mask wearing etc., apart from when someone needs to access the offices. The good news though was that all the older students (18 and above) were fully vaccinated in the first term, and we have been told a campaign will be launched sometime this month for all the other students.

This term has already been busy with the election of student leaders and sports days, so I feel confident enough now to say we are truly back to normal.

Prefectorial Campaigns & Swearing In

We have accomplished some good work on various projects across the campus. School entrance and compound has been completely transformed.

The new Administration Building Annex is now fully complete apart from landscaping (next rainy season). It consists of five sections, (L -R) Rector’s office, Receptionist, Board Room, and Accounts Offices. For the first time in our history this building is equipped with toilet facilities. We are really stepping into the modern world now.

As much as we would have loved us to make further progress on the music department it wasn’t possible. I was reminded of some forgotten areas (out of sight out of mind) where work had begun but then focus shifted to the library project in 2016. All this time the girls in the Seminary (primary section) have been living in the dust of an unfinished dormitory. So, we returned to that project to improve their living conditions. We plastered the walls inside and out, finished the veranda and floors. We also embarked on building them stairs to their main compound, so hopefully they will soon no longer have to use the goat path they made for themselves, winding up the side of the hill.

We also made some progress on one of their classroom blocks that was unfinished reaching the roofing stage on two additional classrooms, staffroom and computer room. Slowly, slowly we continue take steps forward.

Hopefully we will be in a position to resume work on the music department, where are all three main building are ready for roofing.

It is hard to believe how many years have passed, and how quickly they passed. I have now entered my 25thyear here at Bishop McAllister College. It has been a rich and rewarding ministry, that I’m so very thankful to have been called to be a part of it. God’s grace has been with us through out and I’m so grateful for that, and for how He has worked through all of you to make this ministry possible. The school has truly blossomed and it wouldn’t have been possible without your financial support and countless prayers. But most importantly I thank you for your support of the student sponsorship program, so many young lives have been changed and opportunities given as a result. I know the past couple of years may have been discouraging, with the closures, and students abandoning their studies, as well the tough conditions many of you also faced. Thank you so much for sticking with us, and continuing with your support of this important program.

Lastly thank you so much for your support of myself. You have been with me throughout, and I can’t thank you enough. Pray for me as I take these next few months and think about my future.

I pray that God will continue to bless you and keep you, now and always!

“To God be the Glory!”

God Bless!