IVCF Update (May 2021)

InterVarsity in New Brunswick
Games Night Set Up We hosted virtual games nights over the winter term in addition to meeting for Bible study
Gathering Around Scripture
This term we studied the Gospel of Luke. Our hope was to draw on our 12 Neighbours study from last term and continue to think about what it means to love our neighbours. There was a bit of dread in the air as we anticipated hosting everything online for the winter term, but we were pleasantly surprised.  People showed up! They wanted to engage with Scripture with their friends, and they found our Bible study a good place to do so. I think attendance was more consistent than it’s ever been.

One of our “picnics” held online, the first half of May was cold and rainy here!
Picnics in The Park

We are thankful for the warm weather and will be taking advantage of it this summer by hosting weekly, socially distanced “picnics in the park”. We’ll be gathering in Queen’s Square Park at 6pm on Thursday evenings all summer with our packed dinners to sit on the grass together, six feet apart. If weather or pandemic restrictions require it, we’ll meet online to eat together.  Feel free to share this information with any students in the Fredericton area who may want to join us.

Thank You
This August will be my final month as a campus minister with InterVarsity. I want to thank all of you who have prayed and donated during the past four years. This work is not something that any one person can do alone and I am very grateful for your many contributions to it. I’m sad to be leaving and also excited for the next adventure, I’ll be heading back to school in the fall to study law at UNB.  My colleague Patrick will continue to serve students in New Brunswick.  InterVarsity’s Atlantic Director, Jamie Macarthur, is looking for staff and/or volunteers to serve the work in New Brunswick and across the Atlantic region.  If you have any questions about InterVarsity’s future in New Brunswick, or just want to say hello, please reach out to Jamie!

 Krystal, myself, and Emma as students at a retreat in 2014.
Join Us for a Reunion

We are hosting a reunion for all staff, students, volunteers and friends who have ever been involved with InterVarsity in New Brunswick. We’re going to meet for one hour over zoom on Sunday, May 30th from 7pm to 8pm to catch up and reminisce. InterVarsity’s Atlantic Director Jamie, and President Nigel, will both be joining us.  Come meet them! You should have already received an invitation to this from us, but if you’re looking for the zoom link just respond to this email.

Fundraising Update
I will be raising support for InterVarsity in New Brunswick this summer. As an Atlantic Team, we have set collective goals around raising funds and finding volunteers before the end of August.  I hope to connect with you in the coming months!
Prayer Requests
We’re still living in a pandemic. Please pray that students will recharge this summer after another challenging online term. Pray for health and safety this summer, and that universities will be able to re-open fully in the fall.
Pray for connections this summer. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and we’re meeting outside! Please pray that friendships will form and that students will experience community in meaningful ways.