Letters From Belize (Part 3)

Dear Ms.Bev,

I want you to know I am very happy in school. I am working very hard at doing the best I can in all subject areas. I am having a wonderful semester completely loving my friends and my teachers. I  really love math because it gives me the opportunity to expand my mind and see my world differently. It is my favorite subject . I am thinking of taking accounting in third form therefore I will need to have a strong foundation in Mathematics. The subject that poses more of a challenge to me is Spanish because I don’t speak a word of Spanish at all and the subject is taught in the Spanish Language. It is the area that scares me the most but I’m proud to say that for mid-semester I got an A in it.

This year a couple teachers came together to start a cheer leading squad at school .  I tried out and was chosen to join. I   really love it because I get to cheer for my team and to travel to different schools and districts. My mom has made me promise to keep my grades up or she will take me off the squad so now I’m working extra hard because I love being a part of a group of girls that are positive like me.

I really enjoy school because I learn new things every day that will help me in life. I am very grateful to you because you  gave me the opportunity to go to school. I am sure that my mom would have found a way to send me to school but this scholarship that you gave me makes me feel like I’m helping my mom through hard work. This scholarship is proof that if I work really hard nothing is impossible.  My life has never been happier and for that I say thank you very very much.

I am very curious about how you look and would like to see a picture of you(if you would like). I would like  to wish you and your church a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. May the lord bless you guys in many ways,for you are doing his work. You are helping students with your kind heart. You all are very caring and loving. I am very happy that people like you all are in this world.
I have attached a few pictures of myself, My first form Honor Roll certificate and my mid-term report card

P.S It doesn’t snow here but it gets really cold in October through to February or March each year.
With love,

Anique Hernandez (Belize High School Sponsored Student)


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